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i feel a failure

ive been ill since yesturday morning, bad stomach bug/flu type thing, and ive managed to eat a magnum and a yorkie and ive got no way or working it off cuz i can barely move, i feel horrible :cry:
hey hun...please don't beat urself up !!!

you are not well....and sometimes when we feel like this, it's whatever you can get down you that's most important :(

make sure you're drinkin lots of water...important to keep well hydrated when ill.....never worry bout food...water more important :)

hope you feel better soon......:(:(


Debz xx
hiya chuckie, please dont feel bad, you were ill so needed comfort food IMO its the way i cope with being ill anyway.

hope you're feeling lots better soon xxx


Was born to shop

I understand how you feel, I gorged completely yesterday on 4 mr kipling lemon slices and 3 chocolate macaroons.

You feel so frustrated after, but just put it behind you and carry on with the plan, damage limitation is the key.

I always find when i eat something perhaps i shouldn't i just think sod it and carry on eating the rubbish as i think the damage has been done, then i end up back where i started :rolleyes:

Don't be to hard on yourself.

maria x
Don't beat yourself up, you're only human.

Don't dwell on it, just try and be 'good' tomorrow.

You can fall off the wagon, it just depends on how you are on the other days. (This I have came to realise...I used to think aahh well I've messed this week up...NO MORE...I just carry on the next day and it has worked for me)



I can do this.
Hi, i messed up yesterday too,but no use crying over whats done,just pick up and carry on(when ur feeling better).

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