I feel good about myself today because........

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by tasha2000, 15 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    Thought Id start a positve mental attitude thread.... I think with lipotrim it is essential to have a positive attitude about yourself because when the doubts set it I expect the diet is hard to follow!!!

    So I will start!!!

    I feel good about myself today because I stuck to my guns...... plucked my eyebrows, and didnt grump at the kids once!!!

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  3. miss_unknown

    miss_unknown Banned

    I feel good about myself because my size 22 jeans is falling down my legs....yeah and I am starting to get excited for the wedding instead of being petrified!!
  4. loulouless

    loulouless Is a loser :)

    Feel good about myself today cos i put on a shirt I had put to the back of my wardrobe ages ago and it fit!
  5. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    I'm happy because my size 12 jeans are falling down again and this time it's not because they're struggling to cover my big fat bum :D
  6. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    im happy today as i got my week one results and they were good in my opinion lol
  7. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    They were great in anyone's opinion!! :p
  8. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl Member

    I'm feeling good today coz getting back on the wagon is feeling a little easier. I love LT just wish it wasnt so hard. Must remember food is evil
  9. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    even tho i have a severe headache.. I am still trying to be nice to everyone around me.. had a bath, and feel a little better about myself today xxx
  10. SandraB

    SandraB Gold Member

    Hi there!

    This is my first post, I started Lipo on 5th January and have so far lost 11lbs but have been stuck at 13 st 1lbs since Tuesday despite sticking rigidly to the diet...needless to say I'm a bit disappointed. I want to be 10 st by May which is perhaps a bit optimistic particularly as I'm going skiing at the end of this month! Don't know how I'm going to handle it. I'm really pleased to have found this site and will log in regularly. Good luck to one and all :)
  11. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I feel good about myself today because I have nearly completed my second week of LT and feel fine. I was really nervous about starting thinking I could never do it. But I can and I will!
  12. MrsFatBum

    MrsFatBum Gold Member

    I feel good about myself today because even though I am ill I have managed to have all 3 shakes plus 2 litres of water.... and I havent bitten anyones head off yet :)
  13. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    I feel good about myself today because my skin is glowing what with all the water and the grumpiness seems to have worn off and ketosis had definately kicked in whooo hooooooooooooooooooo xxx
  14. kered

    kered Gold Member

    I feel good about myself today because my trousers are getting looser. On my own scales I have lost 4lb since Tuesday. My skin feels good. And most importantly, I didnt succumb to the soft cheese that I was smelling for about 1 minute last night.

    Life is great, lipotrim is wonderful. Just wish there were a few more flavours lol.
  15. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    I feel good about myself today as i have just had my 1st weigh in and i am chuffed with the results
  16. LondonIrishOllie

    LondonIrishOllie Pensively Posting

    I feel good about myself cos today is Saturday, I went to gym and don't feel too bad. long way to go but enjoying the journey
  17. Angie44

    Angie44 Silver Member

    I feel good about myself today because I am moving in the right direction towards my goals
  18. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I feel good about myself today cos my week 2 wi was good and I am happy, feeling healthier and so glad I decided to do this diet!
  19. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    I feel good about myself today because by my scales I'm back in the 10's!!!
  20. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    I feel fantastic today coz I haven't stopped playing these Northern Soul classics since they came through the post yesterday :D

    Robert Knight - Love on a mountain top


    Frank Wilson - Do I love you

  21. Purpleangel

    Purpleangel Silver Member

    i feel good today cos i had a sneaky weigh in and i am a 1lb off my first stone :D I am in love with Lipotrim at the moment!

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