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I feel happy and sad.....

I am an animal lover, I have five cats of my own and would never hurt any animal. At the start of summer the house opposite me up and did a moon light flit and I thought that they had left there cat behind. I noticed "him" when he was eating bird seed off my bird table and pinching food I had put out for the hedgehogs. I started to feed "him" around the front of my house and ensured he had biscuits and water regularly throughout each day. As the weather got worse I gave him milk and tinned meat and of a morning he would come out of the bushes at the side of my house where I think he slept but he would never come to me, no matter how I tried. Anyway late august when I was more certain he had been left behind I contacted various cat organisations as I need a humane cage to catch him. I finally got in contact with an elderly man who spends his time catching stray cats, getting them checked and vaccinated and chipped and finding them homes. He stated he could provide the cage but there were no homes going. Lucky for me an elderly neighbour mentioned the cat to her grandson and he and his girlfriend said they would have him. Well yesterday I caught him and today I have found out he is a she and she was chipped and was left behind at the empty house. She is fit and healthy and a friendly cat she is currently with the rescue man and will go to her new home on tuesday.....I am happy that she has a lovely home to go to but so sad as for 7 months she has always been around in my garden or somewhere and I miss her...I could cry...I would of kept her but I already have too many, and I wish I had done more for her, she has had to sleep outside all that time as at first I was not sure she had been left now I feel guilty for not acting quicker......bless her I hope she has a long and happy life and some day she thinks of the mad woman who fed her....thanks for letting me share...xx
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I think you should be proud of yourself and not sad. I don't know how far back a cat's memory goes but even if she doesn't remember you, you have taught her that humans are kind and can be trusted to feed and care for her. I hope she finds a happy new home.
I am also an animal lover.I would love to have a cat but I have two dogs and it would be tempting fate.Better not ;)
Thanks lippy she goes to a lovely home in Lancaster on Tuesday, the elderly gentleman who lent me the trap to catch her has had her all checked out at the vets and she has had her jabs etc she is staying with him till tuesday, he asked if I wanted to go with him and hopefully the couple having him will wait until tuesday night so I can go after work. I miss seeing her little face around but so very very pleased she is not sleeping in the bushes now. I am so animal mad with squirrels all sorts of wild birds and hedgehogs that I see are still out and about thought they should of gone into hibernation by now but a small one was out stuffing his face before....you can share one of my cats chick as I have five of them you can be an distant aunt...xx
Many thanks Hun - that's lovely. I'll have to be a very quiet auntie. My 14 yr old peckingese(sadly very infirm these days) and my 4yr old airedale terrier won't approve.
I also keep an eye on the local wild life here. I have an allotment and down there we have foxes, feral cats,hedgehogs, frogs and a variety of birds. I worry about them all in this freezing weather and I am going there to leave out bird food/water to-morrow:)
Forgot to say I am so pleased your little cat has found a good home - I love happy endings!
You did the best thing for the poor cat .I had to do a similar thing once where I used to live one of the neighbours moved and just left their cat behind, I had 2 at the time and for a variety of reasons couldnt take on another so I took him to the Blue cross. I often wonder what became of him. At least you know this one has a new home already.
Thanks MommyB it does help knowing where she is going, I am travelling up to Lancaster with her tomorrow as the chap who helps rehome the cats wanted me to check her new home and if it is as nice as we are led to believe it will give me more reassurance...and I will get to give her a cuddle....I am so annoyed though that the people who had her had taken her as a rescue cat!! so she has been passed around a bit but not anymore, if this family are not suitable I will be keeping her myself she will squeeze in somewhere I am sure...xx
Hi Dolly Dimples
Don't get me started on crazy Airedales.I would have hoped by now he would have quietened down but not a hope. In his short life he has been to 2 residential schools,2 one to one courses of lessons and a couple of classes (we have the Certificates to show :8855:)He is very loveable and life is never boring while he is around. Airedales are notoriously hard to train but Biggles seems to be an extreme case. He doesn't do anything very wrong - in fact he is friendly to one and all- but he is still pulling on the lead and jumping up on strangers. Have you had similar problems?
CharlieGirl- I hope all goes well and your little cat has a safe journey to her new life .
Hi Lippy yesterday we travelled to lancaster to her new home, she was put into a special indoor pen with a bed her new owner and made her and a litter tray and food etc. It was lovely to see her have some food then settle into her bed everytime I put my fingers into the pen she would rub up against them purring. Her new mum is delighted with her and emailed last night to say she had been sat on her knee during the afternoon. A match made in heaven I think...xx
Charliegirl, I am so pleased that she has settled in so quickly!

lippy, mine sounds the same as yours! Daisy will trample anything in sight to get to any visitors we have and insists on sitting next to them on the setee - she leans on them and smiles !!
When we take her out she attacks anything with four legs whether it be a bull mastiff or a yorkie. We were going to send her to one to one classes to learn some manners but after what you have said I don't think I'll bother.

We wouldn't swap her for the world though - she is such a character. We also have a Scottish Terrier who looks at her in amazement when she starts. You can almost see her shaking her head !!!
Hi Charliegirl
I'm so pleased that thanks to you the little rescue cat has found a loving home. Well done on a happy ending!
Hi Dolly Dimples - I'm going to post on the dog thread - perhaps some one can give us some tips on handling boisterous dogs. Wouldn't it be nice if the dog whisperer is a minimins member.

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