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I feel like a failure.

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I am on 12 days on LT today and I have been doing really well. In fact I was kinda proud of myself for getting this far. But today my Aunt from Canada came to visit which was a supprise as they couldn't get a visa, so it was a very rushed affair. My Mum had warned I was on this diet and she didn't really agree with it but said it was ok. I sat there while they had homemade soup at lunch very happy not bothered even though my hubby makes the best soup in the world. But then this evening tehy took us out for dinner and she insisted I eat something, I tried to think what is on the refeed sheet but it was really hard to find something which fitted.I ended up with a chicken and bacon salad. I feel terrible and I was too scared to come on here to tell you what I'd done. I'm refeeding on friday for a week cos I'm going a way for the weekend and I'm so disappointed that I have eaten. Now I have thrown my Ketosis out the window and by the time I get back into it I'll be refeeding agian. RAAHHH....:wave_cry:
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Ah try just put it behind you now and back on the shakes in the morning till Friday, you go back into ketosis quicker because you have been on the shakes till now and your not just starting on them... you maybe surprised at weigh in and it might not have done that much damage..... once you get back into it now and dont undo alll of your hard work tilll now you will be fine xx

I just came across your post...I am on LL, so feel for you.
I'm sorry you felt pressured to conform, but you shouldn't beat yourself up. It's done now, and you will only take a few days to get back into Ketosis.

I don't know about the re-feeding...is it something Lipotrim suggest each time you need to get into eating for an event?

I hope you don't worry yourself too much...it wasn't like you had the soup aswell...so well done for that. :)
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ah hun, dont beat urself up about it. think most people have eaten something at some point.
just put it down to experience, next time ull know how it felt and sure ull be strong and say no. god ive wanted food so much and cant go to any kind of restaurant as its too tempting.
good luck with getting back on track

x x
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Dont beat yourself up hun its in the past. you will be fine do your refeeding then come back here and you will be grand in a few days. I hate it wen people try and make you eat they just dont understand. At least you didnt have a steak chips and pepper sauce or something you had a salad you wil be back in ketosis in no time.
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It is a tough diet, especially if people are putting pressure on you & I think a lot of us associate eating with loved ones/being sociable, so those situations put us in an awkward position.

You can't take it back now, so, brush yourself off & carry on! Being annoyed with yourself about it will only make it more a struggle to stick with LT this week. Good luck with getting back on track & well done for coming here to tell us. :)

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Aww hun! Please don't get annoyed with yourself, because as Hannah said, it'll only make you feel worse. Also, please don't be scared to confess things like this with us, I'm sure we can all say that at one time or another we have been less than perfect on the diet (i know i certainly can!) and you were put in a tough situation.
Anyway, it's all done and dusted with now so you just need to focus on what you need to do next, refeeding etc and not falling back into old eating habits, but most of all, just enjoying life and not berating yourself everytime you slip up. :)

Hope you feel more positive soon.

Akra xxx


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I second what everyone else has said. Please don't be too hard on yourself as it makes it much more difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Put it behind you and take today as a new day and go from there. Hope you are feeling more positive today.

hey hun, listen dont be too hard on yourself, ok you ate something but what you ate was quite sensible so you shouldnt have done too much damage.. if you keep thinking of yourself as a failure then you`ll become one and on this diet it`s all about being positive... so put it behind you and today is a new day.. good luck with your weigh in xx
Agree with what everyone else said, don't let this upset you. Plus you should actually congratulate yourself for making the right food choice, once forced into eating, as a previous poster said you could've chosen much worse. :hug99:
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Don't be upset hun-

can't add too much more- the girls are spot on with what they said. Congrats for finding the lest 'damaging' thing on the menu and I think you may be pleasantly surprised on WI.

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I found a handy trick for when people try to persuade to eat something, tell them that if you eat without proper refeeding you will feel ill soon after. Most people will believe you as they don't know about the diet.

Its worked so far for me:)
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Thank you everyone! It means so much that I can come on here and have this support. I feel positive today and have got back into the swing. Infact i still have to have my third one which I'm saving for supper.


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Don't beat yourself up about it hun. Life just sometimes pushes us in directions that we can't help.
Hope it all works out the way you want.
I am confused. Forgive me for being new to Lipotrim, but I am not new on ketosis. A chicken and bacon salad doesn't get you out of ketosis, unless you have a dressing with sugar or similar on it. I eat such salads all the time on Atkins, and it didn't get me out of ketosis.
I found a handy trick for when people try to persuade to eat something, tell them that if you eat without proper refeeding you will feel ill soon after. Most people will believe you as they don't know about the diet.

Its worked so far for me:)
That's brill! I'm going to use that because some people will just not leave you alone if you say that you're not eating.

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