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I feel like a failure.

My first official WI is tomorrow but I couldn't resist jumping on the scales this morning.
I've stuck to TS 100% all week and I've only lost 3lbs. :(

I started my TOTM on my 2nd day, so maybe that why. I didn't expect my loss to be THAT low though. I don't think I've heard of anyone having such a small loss on their first week.
I'm a very unhappy bunny at the moment.
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I confess I get very disheartened especially when you have a couple ofweeks of big losses but..... 3lbs is brilliant and on any other diet you would probably get a gold sticker. At least it is 3lb less not 3lb more keep going and hopefully next week will be a bigger loss. x
aww keep your chin up! 3lbs is a loss which is the main thing atleast it wasnt a gain and it is something to be proud of because you are 3lbs closer to your goal weight. I reckon next week will be a corker for you! xxx


Here we go again!
Totm can cause smaller losses, I bet you have a much bigger loss next week so keep your chin up, stay positive and remember why you are doing this. Good luck!
hun i wouldnt get worked up about it i stayed the same on my totm weigh in and ive still lost 1 stone 4 lbs in a month! dont worry it will come off next week xx


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Understandably disheartening but keep going for it"!!! You're on the right track now, don't be derailed x


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Hey Dance Magic, the first time I did VLCD I lost 4lbs on week one and the second time I lost 3lbs on week one. And I was 100% with no "cheating". I had bigger losses in the second week and it all evened out with the average losses that everyone else gets...xx
When I did lighter life 3 years ago, I lost only 3/4 pounds each week in the first three weeks, whereas the rest of the class were losing 8/9 pounds. I soon caught up with them though. Everyone's different so don't worry!

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