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I feel like I'm never going to get there....

I was REALLY good this week...I haven't done a food diary but I counted everything properly, ate loads of superfree and stuck to red most days (as I usually do better on red)
I can't believe I only lost half a pound. I realise my BMI is (just) in the normal range and can't expect massive losses but I'm feeling so fed up!

How do others cope with this? I don't want to go back to stupid total food replacement shakes but at the minute I feel a bit at a loss!!
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Mmmm, I find it difficult to do much exercise - I have 2 little kids, a stressful part time job and a husband who is never here (he's been away all week, got back last night, is at work today then leaves to go on business to Nigeria at 5.30 am tomorrow)

I know it sounds like an excuse but most nights I can barely keep my eyes open once I finally get the kids to bed!
You will do it. The last stone is the hardest one to lose. The plans don't stop working though, you've just got to shake things up a bit.


Lots of superspeed foods - switch bananas for apples, potatoes for butternut squash, peas for carrots etc. Eat white fish, chicken instead of beef - those sorts of changes.

Only snack on superfree foods. Eat more superfree with each meal, try half and half instead of the recommended third.

Vary your A and B choices. Have a look through the book, try a different B choice each day, if anything it's stops the boredom.

Just keep plodding on. It might be slow but it will work hun. xx
Oh and on the calorie dense food thing, my daily staple is usually mashed swede with something....a whole plateful is 130 calories.

I guess I just have to accept my favourite jeans are a loooong way off!
You don't have to exercise and SW say it only accounts for an extra 1 to 2 pounds a month (if you are lucky), so don't beat yourself up because you don't have time.
Thanks - I'll just keep plodding on. I really don't want to go back to the shakes, but am just impatient!

I think I might knock EE on the head and go back to full time red.
It is nice have cottage pie topped with spud rather than swede or a bowl of veggie pasta when I can't be bothered but I know I can live without those!
Don't forget that smaller weight losses are more noticeable the smaller you are. A half stone difference on someone a size 12 is much more obvious than someone a size 18 - so your hard work will be worth it!

A half pound loss is still a good loss, it might not seem much but by summer that would be a stone off. See how things are next week, it might just be a normal fluctuation in your weight (if target members are allowed to fluctuate 3lbs either way, we should be too!), so the scales might catch up a bit next week.


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there is another eating plan in SW that you can do for a week at a time that can give your weight loss a boost. i cant remember for the life of me what it's called. anyone help???
There's fast forward, which is given out by the consultants (or available on the website), which you follow for a week to give things a boost. As far as I understand from people who have done it, it's restrictive and no fun, but works!!

There's also success express, a plan which is very similar to EE, but where 2/3 of your plate are superfree, rather than just 1/3. You also only snack on superfree food between meals on that plan, and still have your healthy extras and syns. This is one which was always pushed as being able to give your losses a boost.
I know I've seen the Fast forward thing before but never tried it. I might have a scout on the web see if I can find it.
If I could have a really good weightless one week then a couple of slow weeks wouldn't be so bad.
Yeah I might just do that! Time to write a shopping list I reckon!
Know how you feel hon, the thing is I've tried other diets the past few weeks and I'm still only getting the small losses, but I love SW so I'm staying here now!

It's so true what Jennyonaplate said about small losses being noticeable as you get smaller, I get people telling me everyweek how my face is slimmer, or my tummy flatter even though I've only lost a pound or so.

And I don't exercise either, apart from the school run! I used to want to exercise but now I just like to slob in front of the soaps in the evening he he!!

I think your losses have been good and consistent, you'll be amazed how fast all those pounds and half pounds add up and you'll be in those jeans before you know it!! xx
Thanks rumbletummy, I really hope so.

I think I'm feeling extra frustrated this week as I said no to so many naughty things....
The rest of the family had Mc Donalds last weekend and I didn't order anything
....I said no to a take away on Monday when I was offered one
...I went to Nando's and all my friends had chips and I had plain salad

Oh well, I guess had I eaten those things I would have put on loads and be feeling far worse than I am now!


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I've been up and down the last few months like a yoyo, but in the last 4 weeks I've lost 4, then STS, put on 1.5 (totm) then lost 4 again!

I'm usually a 0.5lb or 1lb girl myself but I've done this with success express. Give it a go, I have always done EE and know I have to stick with it. The plan DOES work, you have to have faith.
If you haven't already tried it yet, you could make yourself a batch of the Super Speed Soup (I know I've been harping on about this soup a lot lately, but I love it!)

I have at least one bowl of it per day and had a good loss last week. Plus, it's really tasty (if you do a search on here you will find it)

I change it slightly to stop myself getting bored with it by adding some different Super Speed veg and spices etc, to give it a bit of a kick.

Good luck, and well done for how far you have come already!!