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I feel like its getting harder!!!!!


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Hi Kay, Yes it does get easier.............You doing soooo well!
Keep it up and think of the massive loss your gonna get when you go and weigh in! x
The fact that it was a crisp that you were focusing on makes me think that what you're experiancing carb withdrawals.
I did exactly the same thing in my first couple of weeks (potato smiley faces were my thing) but I promise you it does get a lot easier. It's essentially your brain telling you it needs the carbs for energy but what you need to do is teach it that it doesn't need them because you have the fat stores to burn.
What it basically comes down to is a habit or as a thread earlier was saying, an addiction, much like smoking or drinking.
I hear from some lovely people on here it takes 21 days to break a habit, so stick with it and show your brain and body who's in charge!:king2:

Mrs B

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Kay, you're doing really well. I told myself I'd do it for a week to see if it works and that got me through the first week. It does get easier.
Thanks all you guys, it does make it easier coming on here. I have my weigh in on friday so ill let you all know how i do (and how many crisps ive licked in between lol joking)
Thanks for all your support xx


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Day 5 was my worst day too, it seems such a long time ago now but i kept a diary and day 5 is highlighted as the worst day lol. 13 weeks on it defo gets easier so please stick with it your doing fab x x
Hiya Kay

Day 5 can be a real nightmare and is often the worst, hang in there as it really does get better and you will be rewarded at your weigh in!!