I feel like such a newbie...


Hi all, have been on VLCD since June, started out on LL then switched over to CD a week ago and have lost 46lbs to date...have another 80lbs to lose...

Have always read the boards for inspiration ... but never really posted, not too sure why...

Have been on such a downer all weekend, not slept for days, hair is falling out like crazy...and thought id post on here for some positive vibes...:(

One of the reasons im feeling down, is that ive lost a lot of friends over the past few weeks since ive lost a lot of weight, probably because they always saw me as the fat girl, and all of a sudden im more attractive and gaining a lot of attention, that everyone finds me a threat? :confused: Has been really upsetting, but have decided not to bother with them, but at the same time, feel so lonely and so low, as i used to have such a hectic social life...and now...nothing...:(

Sorry to ramble on ... but i felt i needed to offload before feeling even worse...

Thanks for listening...
Hey Missy

Toxic friends can be the absolute worst :( The ones who talk down the diet, try to knock you off, dig away at your confidence. You are right - you are better off without them. But it doesn't make it easier - we all want/need friends.

Why don't you take this as a time to learn about yourself? What you like - rather than what you did with your friends?

I remember spending a chunk of time on my own between my first and second marriage. It was fab. I ate what I liked (in your case, CD packs), went where I liked, went to the cinema, danced in the kitchen, streaked round the house.

This is your chance to just be you - see it as a positive, and remember we're here for you xx
(((((((missyb)))))))) do understand how upsetting it is when peeps react this way.

Unfortunately it does happen - has happened to me with a couple of so called friends too. They are the ones with a problem and sadly you're right it probably has made them feel superior in the past feeling that whatever they look like, you were always bigger than them. Now just ask yourself - would a true friend behave that way ? - of course the answer is a big NO.

You've done incredibly well to lose 46lbs so give yourself a HUGE pat on the back - bet your social life picks up again in no time
At the end of the day you're going to feel great and you won't need those friends. Your social life will be back on line and if they only liked you when you were fat and no threat to them then they're not true friends and you are better off without them.
Irene xx
Im sat here in tears...ive never been a weak person, always the stronger person...i dont know but i just feel at such a low...

Ive always been around people...so i think im just scared now i feel all alone...i am trying to discover myself like i said DQ...im doing things for myself, having a dance in the living room when no one is around, watching the movies ive always wanted to watch because no1 has wanted to watch it with me....but at the end of the day, i really have a void in my life :(

Demon, dont get me wrong, am ever so pleased with the weight loss ( even though ive had a few blips)...and even though ive still a lot to lose, i do feel positive ... and if a friend was in my position, id be so pleased for them instead of snubbing them...i certainly hope my social life picks up again, but i ask myself whether i really want to go through the motions of getting to know someone all over again and trusting them only to have them walk away again...does seem rather daunting...am sorry, i must sound so negative...

Irene, i do hope to feel great...ive been fat since i was 11( am now 30)...im rather excited about being "slim", just wish i had friends to share my journey with...

It's a huge adjustment honey, and I totally understand it - the weight I want to reach is where I was when I was 12! :eek: And I know what you mean about feeling low - wish I could make you feel better honey, just remember like I said you're not in this on your own.
and if a friend was in my position, id be so pleased for them instead of snubbing them

Exactly missy, that's what true friends do.

I truly do understand how you're feeling right now, but honestly things will get better. As D_Q says you're not in this on your own xxx
Thanks all...i just hope i have some decent sleep soon, and face the world more positively....

p.s arent the peanut CD bars just SO lush :)
I tell my clients it's always worth getting one 'different' bar or sachet per week, so they don't get bored, and they might well discover they like it! :D Maybe as a treat for losing weight, buy one extra just to see? :)
My tip with the bars (not cranberry or peanut though) is to cut them into 16 little pieces and freeze in a plastic container until needed. Eat straight from freezer. Gorgeous, and lasts a long time.
Ann x
morning missYB
hope you are feeling better this morning?
I have been through exactly the same experience as you!
I have learned however to drop the people I was just hanging onto because i "needed" friends and who actually were just takers of my time and generousity!
It is a bl::::y hard lesson and it hurts at the time BUT I am making new friends with people I Like!
Spend time with people who make you feel good, support you , make you laugh , who you can have fun with!
You will find those people in time!
The takers [old friends] are no good to anybody - let them go and move on!
All the best
Thanks Ann, the tip is highly noted ! x

Nadhak, i do feel more positive this morning, although im sure i will have my ups and downs...i am dropping these so called people as it simply not worth getting upset over...at the end of the day i have to be selfish and put me first....its going to be hard to do that, but im sure ill get used to the idea...

Time to move on...and for the better :)