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I feel so bad...............

Ok so last night we had a halloween party for my daughters 13th birthday and as discussed with CDC we agreed that I deserved to have a few vodkas with diet coke.

I have had quite alot of stressful things going on for me lately and just needed to let my hair down.

So I didn't drink too much as was def more d.coke than vodka to be honest and had my a/c porridge at about 10:30pm so did well and was proud that I didn't eat any of the party food...........well that was until today.

Why oh why is it that when you have a few drinks that the day after you always feel like eating constantly?

I was finally broken about half an hour ago when I ate 2 slices of ham (not breaded) just plain ham and still didn't touch any of the party leftovers but still feel as though I have let myself down.

Am even tempted to make myself sick to get rid of it as feel miserable now.

Please help as not sure if it's as bad as I feel it is? xx
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Are you ss'ing? Just wondered as we're not supposed to drink any alcohol on ss it can be very dangerous :( have read loads of posts on here about it

Anyway.... 2 slices of ham in the grand scheme of things is not that bad :) just put it behind you and carry on as you are...

Hang in there and chin up ..oh and no thoughts of 'getting rid' of food !!!! noooooo

Hi Mrsessex

yes i am ss'ing and I know but just have had alot to deal with lately and haven't had any alcohol for such a long time,infact think that is the second time in almost 2 yrs to be honest.

I really did only have very small amount of vodka as well and def not as much as I would have had had i not have been on CD.

Think I just need to go to bed asap as have 3 12 hr shifts at work coming up boo hoo!! x
Natalie didnt want you thinking i was coming over as nurse essex lol just concerned about the booze that was all as i know its a no no :) appreciate your going through a rough patch xxx

Big H

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Natalie didnt want you thinking i was coming over as nurse essex lol just concerned about the booze that was all as i know its a no no :) appreciate your going through a rough patch xxx
Sounds ok to me - ;)


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Nooo don't make yourself sick. Just look to what you are going to eat and drink from now on. Make sure you drink plenty water and as a lovely lady here has in her signature...
"If hunger isn't the problem then food isn't the answer" - and neither is alcohol.
Hugs - I hope things improve for you soon.


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I'd be stressing more over the alcohol than two slices of ham. The ham is not a problem, there are minimum carbs, it is a very minor blip. The alcohol is empty calories and you are not supposed to drink when on CD, I am suprised your CDC said it was ok. Anyway, you are doing great, so just jump back on the wagon and don't dwell over it.


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Going along with what others are saying here. Alcohol is a big no no on so few calories and carbs. It's just not safe.

If this happens again and you feel you need to have some alcohol, you really must to go up to a much higher plan to get some extra calories and bring yourself out of ketosis.

Anyway, what is done is done. You've done fab, move on and continue to do fab :)

Hope the stresses are easing now.:hug99:
Hello nathalie

Just come across your post. Please put all this behind you, glug the water, relax in the bath and have an early night. And certainly don't do anything harmful to yourself to purge a small amount of ham/vodka .
Tommorow is a new day, good luck with continuing the excellent achievement you have made on CD x
hi hun

just wanted to reassure you that the ham really isnt gonna make a difference at all! you wont be out of ketosis n you not gonna gain any weight... i too slipped today, my little girl had a pack of choc buttons and i ate two :-( i felt awfull afterwards but had to realise how pathetic that would sound to a non cd'er lol has really 2 choc buttons is hardly the end of the world atleast i didnt get my own pack lol. plus totm aarrrgh

so heres to starting over with you as of like now, i would say we need to get back on the wagon but dont see we fell off, just had a look and decided nah the wagons the better choice lol

take care xx
I would just like to say thank you for you support guys and gals. Am still feeling pretty rubbish as have had rubbish day at work and didn't get out till late as well so was really annoyed.

I have no intentions of drinking or eating anything other than CD now but just don't know why I am feeling so darn miserable these past few days. I really do need to snap out of it.

Have to say I am not looking forward to wi on thurs but hey ho will just have to grin and bear it and move on.

I have a xmas works night out due on the 28th and will be bringing myself out of ketosis so i can enjoy some fine food and let my hair down for the eve so roll on the 28th!

Thanks again I really do appreciate it x
Ah thanks dragonfly,i have been back on 100% since my small blip but am still dreading this weeks wi as am feeling a little blocked up due to the painkillers i am on for my back pain and i think totm is due any day so feeling a bit rubbish to be honest.

But hey ho will have to see how it goes i suppose x
glad you have managed to get back 100% you should be really proud of yourself as jumping back on the wagon after a slip can be the hard part!

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