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I feel so FAT !!!!!!

This is now my 2nd week on Slimming World and I get weighed 2morrow night :cry:
I am feeling so fat at the moment, i have been like this for a few days. I lost 10.5lbs last week in my first week and i feel like I have put it bk on. Even my clothes are tighter for me!!! I am scared to stand on the scales tomorrow night, any ideas on how to help try make a difference for weigh in this week? :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: so upset :mad: Thing is, I have not even had anything that i was not meant toi have!!! I never had my healthy a or b for 2 days as I'm nightshift. I have not been eating my alot of syns either, think i hv had less than 10 this week but last week i never ate many syns either!!!

Sorry for the long message - just need some help!!! Thanks x
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Don't panic!!! Everyone feels like this before weigh in at some point!!

One thing I would say is that your he's are important to help keep things regular in the toilet department, and if it's not regular it can affect the scales- not fat, just excess water and waste etc. I did this the other week, not skipping my he's, but my toilet trips weren't as frequent as usual, then realised after a 1.5 gain, that i'd eaten 12 boiked eggs in the previous 4 days, so was a bit egg-bound!!!!

If you're struggling to use your he's, why not grab some hifi bars to have as a snack.


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Debz - big hugs because it's so difficult when you feel so negative.

There is nothing that you can do to affect tomorrow's weigh in - what will be will be and it may well not be anywhere as bad as you think. However what you CAN do, is to stay on plan. It works but you need to stick to it. Is it your * week ? That will definitely make a difference to the amount of water that you are holding onto (which in turn will affect your weight). Sometimes the plan needs a bit of tweaking so it may be worth posting a food diary for people to look at for advice. The other thing is that until you know the plan well, it's difficult to have confidence in what will happen but hopefully that will come over time.

I would however advise the following (from my own personal experience) - try not to limit your syns too much. They are what make the plan sustainable for me. If I have too few I am more likely to go off plan. Try to eat your HEx's (although I am often guilty of not having my A's but almost always have my B's because I love cereal bars !). Also, drink loads of water. It really does help.

More hugs :hug99: but stick with it. I've been where you are and once you get going on this, it's amazing how quickly things can change for the better.

Good luck for tomorrow.

Gail x
It is strange as I havnt been going to the toilet frequently for no2 (sorry!) I never thought that not having my healthy extras would make a difference to that. I will def make a point of trying to have them. I did buy the hi fi bars and I had one at the beginning of the week but counted it as syns as I had my a and b choice then.
Will get more bars tomorrow night, they are good to keep in the cupboard if I fancy a wee choc fix!
My body clock has been all over the place, I have just done 6nightshifts with 2 nights off and then came back friday and got another 8 infront of me, not sure if lack of sleep can make a difference!
I wont be coming off the plan - I am def gonna stick to it. I have the determination this time as not only for me to feel good but so that my husband and I can try to get IVF on the NHS! I need to get my BMI down to below 35! If this isnt determination, then I dont know what is!!!
Do you have 5 syns every day unless you are saving them for the weekend? I am going out for dinner next weekend for valentines with the hubby so will prob not use any syns incase I need them for dinner and a couple of drinks!!! I have been drinking lots of water but not sure if I should be at the mo, incase my body is storing it this week!!

Thanks for the advice Ladies!!! xxx
You should try and have at least 5 syns a day, if you drop too low it could slow your metabolism down. But having 5 a day would still leave you with 70 for valentines day.

Lots and lots of water also helps pooping too!!
Hi Debz

If you havent been going to the loo regulary you may be experiencing bloating, which can sometimes happen when you change your diet - dont worry about it too much it will settle down. You are doing the right thing by drinking loads of water, but having your HxB will give you added fibre so try and include them.

You can use your syns weekly, but allowing your self 5 a day will still give you 70 or so for your weekend meal

Please dont stress too much about tomorrows weigh in, and although it is tempting please dont starve yourself throughout the day to try and 'guarantee' a loss. As you are setting a precedence for all weigh ins in the future (not saying that you will - but I thought I would mention it :))

You have great motivation already to keep going, your journey will probably be long with lots of ups and downs along the way (as mine and many others have been) just try and keep your end goal in focus, follow the plan, and get support wherever possible :)
hehehehe thanks huni!!! At work at the mo, may have a packet of crisps or something chocolaty to eat to use up some syns as not used up many this week at all!!! Funny talking about pooing huni, iv bn today since I had my weetabix as my a and b choice earlier lol xxxxxxx


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I wouldn't worry too much about things at all. I was having a "don't think I've lost anything at ALL" dramaz on Thursday but come Sunday morning I was down 6 and a half pounds this week...so it just shows you.

If you're bloated then they'll be a reason for it. Doesn't mean the plan isn't working or that you need to eat less...it'll take time to get into the "flow" to begin with eh and what a great goal you've got to work towards!!
You read my mind huni beacuse tomorrow I was only going to grab a yoghurt or something in the afternoon before I get weighed at night, didnt want to have anything big to eat incase it shows on the scales!!!

I am drinking loads of water and I have been peeing loads!!! Very annoying!!!!

I am also diabetic and they gave me metformin to take but I hv stopped taking them as they are causing me too much pain in stomach and at the toilet loads. It never ends!!! That would certainley get rid of my bloateness, maybe i should take some in the morning lol xxxxx
i do have a great goal to work towards and i am looking forward to the end result (if and when i get there)
I have been finding though when at work on the nightshift that I am hungry!! I dont eat alot on nightshift.


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Well done Debz. And fingers crossed for next week.

And remember, NO mid week weigh ins (or at least ignore them if you do !)

Gail x


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Well done Debz. I always weigh mid week but have learnt to ignore them after a few panicked weeks where I gained in the middle of the week for no reason but then it dropped back off as quickly as it arrived (for no reason !).

Good luck for this week.

Gail x
Thanks Gail. Will keep you posted! Although I am loosing, I wasnt sure if I was eating properly. I have posted my Food Diary from today. Can you have a wee look and see please xXx

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