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I feel so ill


Bring on the trumpets
Have you eaten anything different?.....have you drank enough water?....however saying that there is loads of bugs going round.....awww get well soon pet.
Haven't eaten anything different & I can't drink the water as my stomachs too painful without adding anything else to it. spent all Sat night lying awake & rolling around on my bed holding my stomach:cry:. Yesterday, hardly moved from the sofa at all.
are you still drinking cs shakes?
and yeay on your 5lb loss. well done :D
I've had cs shakes up until yesterday evening & today received the avidlite ones so had 2 of those today ( i have an interesting story about those as well).
do you think you've had a reaction to the avidlite shakes.
iv had them about 6 weeks and im still okay with them, not having any problems.
oooo, well get well soon.

and whats the story with the shakes, im intrigued :)
ah sorry to hear you're feelin poorly hun :( Hope you feel better soon xxx


Bring on the trumpets
I have not had any problems with Avidlite....but want to know what you know Moonstone...lol
oooo, well get well soon.

and whats the story with the shakes, im intrigued :)
About 3 weeks ago I was out working(as a rep) & made a call on a small store. When I was in there I noticed they were advertising in the window a diet that was the same as CS, Literlife & Lipotrim. Well, I was intrigued so started asking questions(as you would). I was given a leaflet & shown the products in question. They were shakes & you had the usual choice of flavours but you could pick & choose rather than having to buy a mixed box. They were selling them for £22 for a weeks supply which was 14 sachets. I was tempted but had no money on me so had to give them a miss(made a mental note to try them next time I was in the area). Well, imagine my surprise when this morning my parcel from Avidlite arrives & they are the exact same shakes, same packaging, inside & out. Nice little earner isn't it?
omg what a rip off!:eek:


Bring on the trumpets
I sort of knew what you were going to say.....cos I stumbled on a website with the NVs of Lipotrim....which is similar to surprise surprise.......avidlite.....I also read there is a company that makes them all......just re-packaged differently. I am not talking about the CS ones...cos they are slightly higher in calories/carbs. If you take the Avidlite out of their box and put them in a CD/LL box then you can charge anywhere between £50 and £66 per week....RIP OFF!!! That's why people don't want to talk about Avidlite shakes or another diet plan company who has been banished for maybe suggesting that there are alternatives to CD/LL/LT.
Rant over....LOL
iv never thought of that, interesting point:)

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