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i feel

Good for you Emily! It's great to see the changes in our body during weight loss, it really spurs you on and it's even better when someone else notices and comments. x
thats good its nice when people notice makes you feel its worth while, think ill need a good stone off before any one sees any diff
i know it gives u a wee boost if someone notices doesnt it?


Eloquent hooligan
i know it gives u a wee boost if someone notices doesnt it?
I demand to see before & after pics :D

PS Update your start date to a proper date as 'today' doesn't work..... you spanner ;):p
oh i see ur back full of the usual sh*t to give me lol only kidding how do i put pics in a message? im gonna brain my three yr old he is wrecking my head right now lol if i dont do it now ill do it later or in the morning when ive a bit more time. how have been anyway? missed ur banter/sh*t pmsl
just been looking at your pics you look diffrent but can tell its you if you know what i mean


Eloquent hooligan
I love you too ;)

I've been stripping for 2 days solid... wallpaper that is. My Mums setting up her own one to one care home for people with special needs (she's had a lifetime of training bringing me up) & bought an old bungalow which is having converted... discovered some ace 1930's wallpaper hidden away :)

To insert an image simply upload the image somewhere (Factbook or TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting is good) then insert the image address like this


but replace the {} with[] :)

Tada :D

oh your my hero lol thanks think i added one to my profile, thats before lol need to take an after whenever i get five.


Eloquent hooligan
lol all I can see is a pink top & a pushchair... it's a bit small & far away...

YouTube - Father Ted
no not that one lol i put one in the photo gallery next to my name, its small too lol
nice pic


Eloquent hooligan
aaah I see it now :D Although still v teeny... I'm scrunching up my eyes like ya do when trying to watch the adult channels after encryption has kicked in...
pmsl well i dont look like anyone from the adult channel thats for sure, ill sort it out friday when ive time, im at that course tomorrow again so when they go to nursery on fri ill have a bit of time. neeed to go now their just playing up lol see you all later xx