I fell off, but think am going to get back on track


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Fell off yesterday - boo :-(

Was at school summer fayre, made sure i ate beforehand so wasn't tamptyed by cakes, buns etc. I managed then at the end of the evening a work colleague that was unaware of my marital situation asked me if i wanted to take some cakes home for my husband - (cue me rushing off to toilets in tears)

Took some cakes home and ate a mince pie, choc crispy cake and slice of lemon drizzle cake.

Got up this morning and threw rest in bin and tried to draw a line under it. Had crap day at school, had fish from fish shop at dinner time (took batter off) and then had a mince pie, came home and ate some maltesers that i have resisted since july.

Feeling rather crap today, just got paid so going to go to asda and get some sw friendly food in as nothing in the house at moment - feel crap cos was doing so well :-( WI tomorrow too :-(
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Oh you poor thing. Just don't worry about what's already happened. Just get back on it and forget about what you've eaten. You'll be fine.

Hope you manage to get lots of lovely SW food! x


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((( ))) it couldn't be helped u tried your best and u was sabbataged. think most of us would of done same thing.
don't worry about it hun you may not lose but u have achieve something much better u have managed to not throw the towel imn when loads would. wd hun. u have done brill so far and i know u will carry on


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Well done for not having a complete binge. I think I would have done. I am sure that any gain you may have will not be that bad as you havn't been that bad really. Good luck this week.


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Thanks, just want to get piddled now, am really down in dumps...

Going to write my list for asda instead, was going to go to gym or salsa dancing tonight but not quite in that place.


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Aw hun, (HUGS) I think we would have all done the same in the situation. Draw a line under it and start a fresh in the morning. You have done so well so far and you will still do well, so what if you don't have a loss this next weigh in, you needed to have a little blip for you, xx


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Poor you. But eating too much of the wrong thing isn't the answer. The sooner you get back on track, the better you'll feel - honest.
Get that shopping done luvvie and good luck.


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Hope you are feeling a bit better today. It doesn't sound like you done too bad. It is all managable, you had a night of flexi syns and today you are back on track. Please don't worry about it. This is what sw is all about you are in control. Flexi syns are there for that purpose. Go and get all your sw friendly shopping and start a new today.


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Agree with what everyone has said.
Draw a line under it and start again today.
Go to Asda get some SW food - maybe cook a few things - SW quiche to nibble on and free on green, make some soups to eat when hungry and then you are ahead of the game.
Hope you have a better day.


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Awww... well what is done is done... you now have a wonderful bright future ahead of you don't you.

You have fallen off and we all have at one time or another... we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and start all over again... (breaks out into tap dance!!)

Try to remember how you feel now and this will deter you doing it again. Plan some great new and exciting recipes for this week to look forward to.. this will cheer you up and keep you on track.

And remember you are only human so don't beat yourself up anymore!


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S: 13st4lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 2st1lb(15.59%)
Feeling bit better today (apart from a stonking hangover - went out and got v drunk). Have lots of nice SW food in and stayed the same when i weighed in - would have liked to have lost some this week, but know why i didn't :)