I fell over!


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On my way to weigh in this morning, I tripped and fell over! Grazed my knees and ripped off two nails! As I have acrylic nails, they came off, taking my natural nails with them! Oh it was painful!

I went into the meeting feeling very faint, washed off the blood and put plasters on but after I got weighed I didn't stay for I mage Therapy, I was in too much pain!!

Lost 1 and half pounds though!!
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Awww no! poor you!- i fell over in my redonculously high heels on way to resteraunt last night. My dress was also very short. Was not a good look!


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hope you are both ok, theres nothing worse than falling in the street, its both embarassing and sore :( xx


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And we tell children to stop crying when they fall over! Hope you are both ok!


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Oh dear, that sounds very painful, I hope you are feeling a bit better now, well done on your weight loss. XX


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Huge sympathies for you Kanslow and Fern! I fall over cracks in the pavement. Often in front of lots of people. I'm a teacher too so just waiting for the time when i fall over in front of a class - it's almost happened a number of times. Clumsiness is endearing. That's what I think. xxx

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Ooo ouch!!!

Hope you are feeling better now Hun...well done on your loss too!


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Awwww! Hope your both okay!!!

Im a very clumsy person so i trip alot!! My most embarresing time fallin over was when i was running for the Jubilee line train and tripped, did a superman dive accross the platform as the doors closed. The train was packed and everyone was laughing at me :( lol

Its funny now but was very painful at the time i got that horrible hand graze you get when trying to protect your face!!



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Oooh the grazes are bad enough but the injury to your pride in terminal!!!

I fell over at work...in a Post Office in front of a queue of people TWICE!

I hope you get your nails sorted you may have to be careful with them, I ripped off the little finger nail opening a box and it was dodgy for about 18 months!