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I figured it out!!

Hey everyone!
So for the past couple of days I have been feeling very strange, one minute I am fine, and then the next minute I have the weirdest head ache, where it feels like there is pressure coming from the top of my head and also feeling sick and like my breathing pattern isn't normal or something, it's very strange. So I have been doing a lot of research online, and found out that it is probably a protein deficiency that is making me feel weird, added to the fact that I am getting used to having all these viatmins in my system etc.
So, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding how long it took them to get used to the nutrients. I am thinking that I may ask my CDC for the food guide so I could do SS+ or something so I can have some chicken and more protein, but if my body would get used to it quickly then there is not much need!
I am so pleased I figured it out, I thought I was going mad!!
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thanks for that. same thing was happening to me today. had my porridge at 11:30am and then by 2 i was feeling really bad and had to lie down but never felt hungry, just sick, headache and light headed. but i had my shake at 3:30 and some neurofen and feel great now.
i also realised, that i probably can't sleep at night well because i have my last shake at about 9pm, but then i don't go to bed until midnightish, so by that time i am feeling ill again. i think if i feel horrible in the night again i will just get up and have a shake, because i was feeling horrible today and had a shake and felt better!
i really hope that my body gets used to it all soon! bet it doesn't though just to spite me, it's revenge for me abusing it for 20 years :)
:8855:tell me about it! i dont think my body is happy with me either but it will be soon.
Ask your CDC about an extra shake a day till you get used to it. or try splitting yuor shakes in half so you can have one every couple of hours, might help.
that's a good idea! may start splitting them from tomorrow. i am going to have four shakes today though because i really need to sleep tonight, and i hope that it will help! i may even be brave and have a soup!
i think i also just feel so much better knowing why i was feeling ill, because when i don't know i get a bit worried lol!
hopefully my body will become normal soon!

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