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i find it strange...


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i find it strange that after my car was broken into last night, and the police had been, and i was shattered, and i realised that i hadn't thought about stuffing my face and was proud of myself, well i found it strange that that was such a big thing. and when i have posted that on here today. everybody has congratulated me both in the daily thread, and in my diary for not eating over it. and it occurred to me that this is crazy!!

i mean, it's great. i thought it was a major achievement. but it really made me think how crazy my previous behaviour had been. here i am, smashed car window, and i'm proud for not eating!! what on earth does a broken car window have to do with food?? nothing!! so why do we make the link? what is it that makes us think disaster = food?

i don't really know what made me think on this. i know i'm a comfort eater. it's just on this occasion, having so many people say well done!! that's great!! you resisted!! i just thought about it. can you imagine if you got to work and told people that and the first thing they said was 'well done for not eating!!' you'd think they were mad!! ha.

of course i'm still very proud that i didn't, despite all this rambling :D :D hee.

abz xx
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Yes it is funny how we associate strange things with food.lol.
A broken car window can easily be fixed - you just buy a new one!

Realising that you didn't turn to food in a crisis can't be bought.....it's priceless!
I'm a comfort eater and more strangely an 'angry eater' so when my oh got on my nerves the other night i thought 'right i'll show him' and started opening a bar of chocolate, thankfully i stepped away from my crazy side and thought hmmmmm what am i doing???? what would it show him exactly??? Nice to know i'm not alone in my weirdness hahahahaha xxxxxxxxx
sorry to hear about your car - how annoying. I think the reason you are so pleased is that you recognised that you are in total control of your actions.

Well done you on that achievement.

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