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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Henpom, 16 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Henpom

    Henpom Full Member

    I started a thread yesterday moaning about feeling ill and starving. Well, I succumbed to temptation and had two small rounds of toast (and reduced fat butter) with my chicken soup last night. It made me feel so much better and that was it. It's out of my system now and even though I feel as rough as I did yesterday, I'm back on my diet and drinking plenty of water. I tested my ketone levels this morning and it was showing up as weak.

    That is the worst thing about having a stinking cold - I always need to stuff my face with anything.

    I'm not sad or feeling guilty, it was either that or feeling so bad that I would end up doing something really stupid. It's gone, it's over and I'm not dwelling on it.
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  3. Mini

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    Good to hear you are feeling much better today Lisa:hug99:


    Love Mini xxx
  4. harriet2

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    I've been thinking about having something this past couple of days..its my TOTM due any day and its been so bl**dy hard lol
    I'm glad you've got it out of your system now though..onward and upward hey :)

    h xx
  5. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    hey lisa - don't worry about it hun today is a new day! Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Henpom

    Henpom Full Member

    I've had a much nicer day today. The hunger has disappeared and I've just had my last shake for today.

    My best friend came down today to watch the football on TV with me, and we went shopping to the local catolgue discount store. I got two more pairs of jeans - I wear them for work - both supposed to be size 18 but one of them is more likely a 14. Anyway, the other pair fit a treat, maybe a little loose on the leg. I also bought a jumper and two vests (I'm starting to feel the cold) all for £12.49. Even better, the jumper is a size 16. To top that, United won so all in all I feel much better than yesterday.
  7. Bea

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    Most of us have had those moments/slips...key is to get back on track.....keep giong you are doing great....
  8. lulu138

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    I am glad you are feeling better! I keep doing silly things like sneaking a little lump of cheese from the fridge :( today I had half a bananna :sigh:
  9. jojostar

    jojostar Member

    I have just given in to a spoon of spag bol and a mouthful of garlic bread :doh:and to be honest I feel like I'm going to faint or be sick :( I'm shaking and having a hot sweat...Won't be doing that again...I'm now actually craving a chocolate lipotrim I think a little lipotrim alien has muddled my brain............. I've just had a glass of water and a sit down wow bit surprised at that!
  10. babyboosweets

    babyboosweets Full Member

    hiya dave,

    I have a few questions for ya im on lipotrim food replacement plan and this amounts to aprox 450 cals aday if i exercise will my come down faster and will i burn fat ?
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