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I give up


Absolutely Determined!
I'm writing this just to say thank you for the support I have had up to this point. However, I fold. I just can't do this when I am struggling with the issues I have. There are no excuses, I'm just not strong enough right now.
So, this is me, signing out from CD and wishing you all the very best of luck on your journeys. Your strength amazes me.
I will pop back from time to time to say hi if that's ok,

My heartfelt thanks

Paula x
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I would just like to say that I understand.... I really do!!!!

I would never undermine your emotions they are full on right now... but we will always be friends if you still want that.... and my offer (the one we talked about last night) is still very much open to you!

Have a huge hug..... you are a really very good person and I know you will be back!!!



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I must have missed some posts - I am going to be sad that you're not here! I hope you manage to sort your issues out (whatever they are) and you'll gain back the strength to carry on your weightloss.

Love Penny xx


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Hey Paula..
Im so sorry to see you go........ Big hugs to you and I hope you sort out your stresses and come back to see us..
Take care sweetie and chin up xxx
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Sorry you're struggling {{{{hugs}}}} Hope to see you back when things get better for you.
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Paula, Sorry to see that you have left but remember we are here for you when you come back. CD is not easy far from it and it's even harder if you have other things to deal with too.

Good luck. Hope to see you back soon.


Gone fishing
Aw Paula, sorry to hear that. Your head has got to be in the right place to this diet.

Don't give up on your dreams though. There will be a way if you want it enough, even if it means doing another diet.

All the best to you :hug99:


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AbFab, I am so sorry about that. I respect your decision and wish you all the luck in the world... we will miss you honey, you were so bright and positive on the threads. Sometimes, though, a big smile for the world hides all kinds of stuff beneath... I hope you can get some help to start sorting your issues and get yourself back into the zone where you are ready to tackle the eating patterns too. You are not the only one going through these things, and I think you are very strong and brave to be facing them now and taking the first steps to change things. If CD is not part of that journey, that's OK, but please do check in sometimes and let us know how you are going.

Big hugs and good wishes always,



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Abfab, sorry to hear your news, we will miss your cheery posts. You aren't giving up, only postponing until the time is right and that time will come, believe me.
Hope you soon sort out all the other issues that are worrying you and sending you lots of hugs.
Take care,

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Oh Paula - I will really miss you and as the others have said any diet is hard but this one even more so and your head needs to be in the right place to do it and if you have so much stuff going on it makes it all the harder!

We would love you to pop in to say hi and when the time is right we would love to see you back as you are such a special person with the determination to do it.

Will miss you loads and good luck with sorting your stuff out
hi paula,

sorry to hear that. you have to make a decision what is best for you hun and we all respect that. you can still come on here :) and there is lots of other diets out there if you decide to do something else. never give up :) luv becky x


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good luck honey, so sorry to see you go but I wish you all the very best of luck. Keep smiling :) xx


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Paula ,

Im so sorry to be reading this i really am ...you have to do whats right for you , your a fab lady and im so gratefull for all the support that u have given me i really hope everything is ok for you xxx love n hugs

jo xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
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Sorry to see you go Paula. You have always been there to send me motivational messages, but everyone is right - your head must be in the right place to do this diet. But, you know its a good diet and it works, and when you feel a bit stronger you will be back. See you then x


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Oh No! Sorry to hear that, but you have to have to have the headspace right on this diet to get into it, so I understand your reasoning.

Paula, even if you are not CD'ing, still come on here and keep us company, lack of the diet doesn't mean you're out the club.

And now work at keeping off the weight you have shed so far.

Don't be a stranger:hug99: