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I got a belly ache :(

It could be (I'm not an expert, lol) have you been having fibre supplements? e.g. Fibre 89, psyllium husks etc.
I get these every so often chick, and its not my period. I dont no what they are. I cant remember whether constipated at time or not. Sorry im no help, but if it helps i no what ure goin thru. x x x x x x x


Slimming for my children
:( i want h2b to come home! I feel like such a baby but it hurts so much i feel like crying....

So far i have had 3 shakes 2 litres water with a teaspoon of the orange mix. But had a handful of pistacio nuts and a nut burger as was told by my counciller that this was ok but since found out on here shes been leading me the wrong way!
I doubt it would be the nuts causing it hun, or maybe im wrong?! Sounds grim but u should prob try really hard 2 check its not constipation. But yeah the nuts r not on the diet. Try searching the threads see if anyone else has experinced similar. x x x x


Hi Hun,

Sorry you are in pain. When I get belly ache I lie on the floor, on my back, knees bent and pull my tummy in. Then massage your tummy in a kind of 'kneeding' circular motion. If its trapped wind, trust me it will help to release it (found this out in the most embarrasing way in a yoga class....nearly demolished a wall!!)....if its what you have eaten, it will help to get it moving. You can also pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there.. Also mint tea always helps me.

Hope you feel better soon.


please try again
sorry, have to ask, could u be pregnant?


Slimming for my children
why do you say that? Thats really weird as i havent had a period for two months and have been for tests at docs but waiting back for them. Had negative preg tests.


I don think i am no to be honest as had two false preg tests.


please try again
i had similar pain during my pregnancy and is normally easy to rule out as a possible cause

sorry if ive upset you hun, wasnt intended to distress you


Slimming for my children
not upset me at all. As long as its not in in 3 months time we would be so happy to be pregnant BUT did a preg and ovulation test last night and I seem to be ovulating! So since this is my first month off the pill (doc told e to as wasnt getting periods with pill) this is what i am putting it down to.

thansk for all your help!
I had this during late pregnancy and was sure labour was on it's way.................turned out to be constipation :eek: :eek:

Hope you are feeling better


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