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I had 2 eat this morning

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Hi Guys,

I worked a 12 hour night shift lastnight and got struck down with a migraine, I didn't have my tablets with me, so I took some pain killers (they didn't work but made me sick cos I'd took them on an empty stomach)..

I got to the end of my 12 hour shift and had to drive home - I was so bad that I had to pull over and stop for 10mins...

Anyway I had half a slice of bread and a slice of ham when I got some so I could take the migraine tablets..

I've just checked my "wee" and I'm not in ketosis - but not sure if I was in ketosis before this cos its only day 3.. But I've gone and set myself back 3 days :cry:

Hopefully it wont effect my loss 2 much this week..

Sorry for the rant !!
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hiya dont worry about it just for future reference if you need to eat to take medication see if you can manage without bread as this is what will kick you out of ketosis for sure

keep focused you'll be fine


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Unfortunately you chose the wrong thing to eat...bread!! Never mind hun, you'll still probably lose a nice amount this week. I suffer from migraines too. Day three is a killer...the headaches were really bad for me, but it was just my body switching over from burning sugar for energy to fat...the wonderful transition into ketosis. Stick with it hun, once you get through the next few days it gets loads easier.


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dnt wory about it hun ur health is more impotant!!! and migranes are the worst ever!!!

just carry on regardless an u will b fine!

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hey there, don't beat yourself up about it. A migraine is hideous (i suffer from them too) and if you didn't take the medication you would have made yourself so much more worse.

Next time eat something like chicken and it should keep you in ketosis.


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That's a tough break! You didn't have any choice but to eat so don't worry about it. Your health comes first. Just get straight back into it and you will be fine. Good luck.
S: 12st12lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 2st4lb(17.78%)
I know I wish I'd had chicked but it was 6am and that was the only thing in the house - I couldn't really eat it - so just had a bite :sign0137:

Back on track now (again lol)
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well done for getting back on track with it

just make sure you have something in for emergency use which is just protein mainly

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