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I had my hen day yesterday!! Now back onto SS!!!!


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I had my hen day yesterday, it was the most wonderful day - everyone had a really really good time..

We went up to a spa in Newport called Celtic Manor, would highly highly recommend it if anyone is looking for a hen day!! We had people coming from all over, cornwall, devon, gloucestershire, wiltshire, surrey, sussex, london and everyone got there with ease - really good access...

The day started with everyone being given really lovely dressing gowns (pink, hooded, really warm and comfy.. Mine even had Bride embroidered on it which I honestly hadn't expected!) and everyone being served champagne and mini muffins while filling in registration forms..

4 of us then went and had a mud ritual, was so much fun - started off with exfoliating then we had three different types of mud, one for your face, one for your hair and one for your body.. We then sat in heated seats for about half an hour before the ceiling (which was domed with "stars" (tiny spotlights) in it) started "raining", was really relxed by the time we came out of there...

The next group then had their mud treatment while we just sat and chilled out.. Meanwhile my mother and h2b's mother both had a dry floatation - you were wrapped in a waterproof blanket and then lowered into water, while having a head massage..

Then we had lunch which was lovely, salads to start with, chicken or salmon for lunch and a really lovely tiramisu type pud..

After lunch we all had a massage - when I booked it, I thought it was a back, neck and shoulder massage - it turned out to be a full body massage.. Heaven.... The spa had lots of lovely little touches - one of which was coming out of that massage and being given a really lovely fresh mango sorbet..

People then just chilled out in the pool, jacuzzi or sauna..

After that we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before everyone went back - we'd asked at the spa where people recommended.. Off we went to the pub they suggested - but it was awful!!!! We got there at 5.20, ordered some drinks and then some food - wanted some combos and then some main courses.. Not too hard you'd think... So 20 min later three jacket spuds arrive, one of which was cold.. So the manager comes over and they get sent back and we wait for the combos (while having a free round of drinks as an apology for already having waited nearly half an hour..) Eventually we get the combos which aren't amazing but are ok.. It then gets to ten to seven (so we've been there for an hour and a half) and the manager comes back again.. She promises the main meals will be out within 2 seconds.. 10 minutes later she says it will be 5 more minutes.. (So now it's 7pm). When it gets to quarter past we've just about had enough - especially considering some people's trains were going at 7.39... However, 2 plates suddenly arrive and they actually look ok! Scampi and chips and enchiladas... Then two more arrive - steak (mine) and pasta.. The enchiladas were soft, soggy and stodgy.. The pasta sauce was thick, floury and gloupy.. Oh - and my steak? It tasted of blue cheese - really really off... At this point the manager (who, in all credit to her, was lovely) couldn't be more apologetic and refunded everyone for all their meals and everyone left, hungry but laughing at the absolute farce that was that pub meal!!! In the end we just drove straight back home (all 150 miles) without stopping and had something to eat when we got back...

Yesterday was wonderful for something else too, I'd worked really hard on planning that hen day - subsequently the day looked after itself. Everyone had a wonderful time and the things that went wrong didn't matter... I'm thinking the wedding day will be the same too and it's put a lot of things into perspective.. Am feeling much much much more chilled out now as a result!!

I still need to get rid of that last inch before the wedding but am hitting the sole source today, have had 2 tetras - one more to go.. I dont feel hungry actually - honestly expected I would (but then having said that my tummy hasn't been the best today, thank god I only had a mouthful of that steak - anymore I think would have made me quite poorly!!)..

20 more days to go!!!!

Everyone had such a lovely time yesterday and it was so so good to see everyone again... Only disappointing thing was my mother's camera managed to wipe all the photos she took - I desperately wanted a group one and luckily another person took the photo of the group together.. So at least we still have one photo!! Will post that up as soon as I get it!
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Oh wow that sounds like a great day at the Celtic Manor. That's really close to where i live - must make more use of that spa!!!! I've only been there once (for a date) and just had a diet coke in the bar but sounds like i should use it for more!!!


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Karen, honestly - you should.. It was AMAZING!!!

The spa loved the fact that everyone had pink head bobbers on saying hen day, said that no one had ever dressed up before and they loved it!! I know it was complete cheese, I had a veil thing on as well and the mothers had Mother of the bride and mother of the groom on theirs - plus my MOH and I had sashes.. Complete cheese but we loved it and had a ball!!

It was 150 miles to drive but if it were nearer I would DEFINATELY go back again and have those same treatments, my brother and his girlfriend only live about 40 min drive away (she drew the lucky straw for travelling that day!!) and one thing we did say yesterday was that if h2b and I are up that way then he and my brother can go off and do something blokey and we'll go back to the spa!!!

Honestly, I couldn't recommend the payot minerale massage enough, it was absolute absolute heaven, lasted an hour and I felt so wonderfully relaxed afterwards!!
Sounds wonderful and only about a 20 minute drive from here...will have to book in a bit closer to my day for a chill out too :)

20 days, wow....you must be getting really excited now :)

K xxx


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Kitty, I honestly honestly would recommend them, I had such a wonderful day.. They worked really hard and everything ran effortlessly.. They also worked hard to make me feel really special!

Yeah, 20 days - am so excited now!! Seems strange, having been on a wedding forum for over a year and a half now and seen others with only 20 days to go it's so exciting that it's finally me - especially as there were 702 days when we first got engaged!!!!
Kitty if ever you fancy it just let me know....

Ooooh! Yes :) Will do, I could just do with some pampering!! especially as it sounds like such a lovely place.

48 days for me SFB we got engaged in December though so haven't had to wait as long as you for the big day. Still seems like forever away tho, then I get a shock and have to remind myself that it's not!!!! LOL

K xxx


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Wow, so how are you doing? Nearly ready?!

Ahh, you should go and pamper yourself - I feel so chilled out after going yesterday!!


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Glad you had such a great time. I bet youre getting really excited about the wedding.
How's the dress fitting? I'm sure you'll look amazing on your special day.


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Hiya Ceri, yeah, I'm getting really excited now - it was lovely to see everyone on the hen day and has made me look forward to seeing everyone even more on the wedding day now!! Next fitting on Thursday, fingers crossed it might have come in a bit more!

Princess L - thank you! Well I managed one day - which I'm really proud of myself for, now on to day 2 - see how it goes!! Am just taking it one hour at a time, one day at a time etc etc!!
Hi Sunflower Bride - Just wanted to say 'hi'. I'm usually on the confetti forum!

Best of luck for your dress fitting!

x x x


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Hiya Lindsay, thank you for saying hi!!

Thank you, dress fitting on Thursday, can't wait!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
What's your user name over there? :)

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