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I had to eat something :-(

I posted earlier about feeling ill going into Ketosis, and received lots of advice, but I gave in and ate half a slice of bread. I tried to drink lots of water, but it didn't help

I went from waking up wobbly and nauseus, to having a migraine and physically being sick. I have felt dizzy, and almost unable to walk.

Since eating the bread I have stopped feeling nauseus, but still have a pounding headache and feel a bit wobbly.

I knew ketosis was going to give me a few symtpoms, but I was not prepared for this. Has anyone else had this violent sort of reaction?
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well at least it was only half a slice
hope u feel better soon
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Hey Claire,

Sorry U Are Feeling So Ill On Cambridge. I Myself Have Felt Ok But I Know That Just A Week Or So Ago There Was Sum1 Who Posts On Here Who Ended Up Too Ill To Do It. Maybe Have A Browse Through The Posts And See What Other Ppl Hae Said But I Know That There Have Defo Been Ppl With These Sort Of Symptoms Posting On Here Before! U Should Have A Look And Find Out What They Did.

Take Care Xx


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I have not felt sick, but still hungry after 4 days - I am in ketosis though (thought hunger was meant to go, sob, even if you have eaten you have still done well.

By the way, when I did atkins i felt like that - soon found ou it was nothing to do with ketosis - it was caffiene withdrawal!!!


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Yes... I was very ill the first time I tried the diet and gave up on day 5, 6 months later I was ready to give it another go and have not been as bad this time, still had migraines for the first 4 days but ok other than that.

Try moving upto the 790 plan if you feel really unable to cope and take care xxx

Stacie xxx
The general "crappy" feeling isn't ketosis.

The crappy feeling is almost certainly carb withdrawal, and also maybe caffeine if you have cut down coffee/coke etc.

Just take some rough cheap paracetamol and hang in there, by eating carb you are just making the whole process much harder and more drawn out.

I had a bad ketosis experience, nausea and vertigo and awful head. I wasn't actually sick but in the end just went to bed and slept through it all. It took me five days to get into ketosis too, I was definitely on the slow side.

Kikuka, the ketosis is supposed to get deeper with time so stick with it and the hunger pangs will lessen.


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
Thanks Claire, I hope so!!! I am determined to do it though. I did slip today and ate a bar (why did i do that?) but i am still in Ketosis.

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