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I hate Carbs

OK, a long weekend of excess.

1. I feel fat :(
2. Carbs bloat me :(
3. I feel so lethargic and actually fell asleep late yesterday afternoon. I haven't done that for year :(
4. Wind is a major problem, I'm farting for britain here :(
5. I'm constipated :(

and that's just for starters, never mind the fact I feel generally crap and not healthy at all.
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Oh dear Jim, thats not nice... but I can imagine how it must feel...

I had a meal out on Sunday, thought I had chosen well but realised half way through the meal that what I thought was grilled parmesan on the top was in fact parmesan and breadcrumbs mixed together. (It did not state this in the menu description)...It made me feel really awful later in the day, as I had a feeling of bloating and have myself been constipated since....So you must be feeling 10 times worse...

I am sure in a few days you will be feeling in tip top condition again... heres hoping so anyway....Jx
I had a terrible weekend too:( but this is day 2 of being really strict again and I feel so much better already - plus I have learnt my lesson. A life free from cravings and binging or a life obsessing about food and feeling crap - I know which I prefer!!
ah but this is an Atkins thread and we believe carbs are evil ;)
I was thinking the same thing Claire...!
I just had a nose at their other posts and they are all fairly random in different areas, and I would say they are all spam....! So I think you were right there...Jx


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Have reported the post as spam Jane lol! I'll eat me words if they're real.
Thank you Claire!:thankyou:

Well spotted!

Spammer is banned and I have left the above post as without it, the following posts don't make sense.

Love Mini xxx


plodding away
Hi Jim

Just browsing on this thread as am considering starting low carb eating. Reading what you have written is like a description of how I feel most of the time - without the constipation!

Hope you feel more yourself soon.
haha Detective Inspector Claire loving your new profile pic...
Hey who knows...You have to strive to be the best you can be....I really believe in the power of positive thinking....x
Morning all,

it's amazing what a difference a day makes, I was super strict and drank loads of water yesterday, and now I feel much better, still a bit bloated but those evil carbs are leaving. :D

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