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I Hate maintenance!!

Hey guys, have been lurking alot over the last few weeks as I always found in times of need I came on here and felt so much better. I am having a major problem with eating. I hate food and eating too, makes me feel poo!! I haven't put any weight on, in fact have lost a few extra pounds in the last few weeks since coming off TFR, but I feel miserable. I hate the maintenace products and I really miss my shakes and my flapjacks. Am craving them now. I actually feel like going back on TFR. I think I will. Going to ring my chemist this afternoon, she what she says, BMI is still 26.5 so still overweight, just worried now in case I always feel this way about food, its not healthy. :cry:
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maybe its the maintenance products that are making you feel like crap rather than the actual food. try and eat things that are light so you don't feel bloated. congrats on losing while on maintainance though hun, well done xxx
Thanks Vickie, yes I have been eating my own food too (Low GL/GI)as the maintenance products are so sweet and vile. Spoke to my chemist there and am gonna have a think about it over the weekend and call to her on Monday.
Hopefully xxxx
Some of the ladies were saying that going on to eat carbs straight away did make you feel icky - have you tried an atkins style high protein regime - just you ease you into it without a bloated feeling ??


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I Had the same problem hun so i binged!! Now back on TFR after putting 4lbs on in 2 weeks!!! Plus i wanna lose few more pounds good luck with what ya choose xxx
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Hi hunny,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down. The maintenance foods don't sound too good. Surely sweet stuff isn't good to get used to!

I think your plan is a good one. There is no reason why you shouldn't go back on LT if your BMI is above 25 but until then stick to little and often, salads and lean chicken.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Oh dear.. i havent tried the maintenace products yet as I had 2 LT shakes so far today and I am going to have something to eat soon... to be honest i think i would rather hate food than fall in love with it... i dont ever want to put on weight again so if i just eat for fuel purposes only ill be happy! lol



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Hi babe!!!! I completely agree... i am doing refeed and i have gone back to eating 2 no carb meals and 1 shake a day ... i feel bloated, sick and have tummy ache!!! I am going to be doing atkins (healthy) style diet as i am carb sensitive and basically feel like poo!!!!
If you are still 26bmi you should be able to TFR again and to be honest if i was you i would go for it! and do a slower refeed next time...carolinski posted a w8 refeed on my i hate refeed thread lol have a look at that xxxxx
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Its a shame you don't like the maintenance shakes/bars.
I think its a little scarey also coming off of TFR & eating again.
When i did maintenance before i LOVED the products esp the veg soup & bar.... they are lovely imo.
Go back on to TFR if it makes you feel better but you have to come off of it soon though & you will have to eat proper food again.
I'm a long way off my target weight but i will be trying a low carb diet. When i've been on LT & CD when i've come off & eaten carbs, like bread & potatoes my stomach bloats out & its really noticable.
Thanks everyone!! Was feeling so sorry for myself, but feeling better now thanks to you guys!! Its so difficult being out of the comfort zone of Full LT. But it has to be done!! I really thought that after the amount of time I was on Full LT that I had sorted out my food issues, which I have to some extent, but hate not being in total control. I hate choice!!. Agree Nic, carbs are the worst, they really make me feel crap. Have decided that I am gonna do 2 shakes and low crab meal for the next few weeks and see how I get on. Thanks again guys for your support and best of luck Jules and Nic with your refeed. Hope I haven't put you off!!


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Hey hey hey darling... i have been reading the south beach and looking on atkins website ... they both look fab and i think i am going to stick to a mix of them ..... Glad your feeling a bit better ...but yes, Carbs = evil... maybe your sensitive?


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80...how the chuff?!?!?!?! lol isnt it wierd how you end up like a squirrel :)
You lucky B!! Giz some!!!

rainbow brite

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Good luck hunny!! x

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