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I hate myself but have to move on...


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Hi All

well I had a fab week in the USA with OH ( working )

the week went ok and i stuck to a mixture of 790/aam religiously
according to my scales i gained 3lbs though BUT i put that down to nasty old water retention after 4 transatlantic flights

HOWEVER i came back to new york as a passenger yesterday to spend the weekend with OH before we say bye till after xmas
and last night i was a pig

i ate a thanksgiving/christmas meal - turkey, chipolatas, mashed and roast potato, creamed corn and spinach and then pumkin pie and cream AND i drank baileys and red wine

feel very very sick today

BUT i am glugging water to wash it out and i have my packs with me and will be back into AAM 100% as of NOW

i KNOW messing my body around like this isnt good and you know what? i didnt get that much pleasure from doing it that i feel it was worth it
it wasnt
in truth i just felt like if i didnt eat and drink i would ruin HIS day

anyway i am flying back to london monday night and am going to nigeria then cairo

i have just over two weeks worth of packs so will AAm till i see Jane ( my cdc) again on around 21st 22nd nov

the good news btw is that i changed my work uniform from a size 16 to size 12 trousers and 14 tops!!!

hope you all have a fab weekend
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Loving the Cambridge Diet
Thanksgiving is so important to the Americans!

It is like having Christmas early!

You enjoyed yourself and now it is time to get back to basics!

Hope you manage the AAM until you get back!
"Hate" is such a strong word/emotion, and can be unnecessarily destructive. I don't think you really mean that you hate yourself!! :)

Okay, so there was a blip, so what? We all have them, they are part of life. Nothing ever goes totally smoothly, and part of life is learning to deal with the sh*t (excuse language) when it happens.

In the grand scheme of things, it may have slowed up your diet progress a little, but it will not have affected your body fat much. Sure it will have knocked you out of ketosis, but 24/36 hours will see that put right again.

It is history, is therefore unchangeable, and not worth worrying unduly about. Learn from it, forget about it, and move on.

It is just one of the things that we all have to deal with post-CD because they will inevitably happen at some point - it did to me with redundancy. When some event occurs that we feel we cannot control, we turn to food as a "crutch" - that is why we are all here and using this diet in the first place. I know your situation was slightly different, but was still something that you felt beyond your control in that you felt you had to eat to keep others happy.

Keep positive, keep focussed, and keep the CD faith. We all know it works, and you will get to where you want to be regardless of this blip.
Now then young lady we will have no more of that "hate myself" stuff..... so you had a blip, blips happen, doesn't mean you have to feel happy about it but please don't hate yourself for it. You are only human and us humans are far from perfect. We have all been there and no doubt will be again. Write it off to experience and tomorrow is another day.




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i think those who posted before me have said all you needed to hear but wow - I want your job! And to be honest if i was in New York right now the first thing I would do is jump on an L train and get off at Rockaway and gorge myself on the best takeaway in the world! You did well honestly.

Hope you're ok sweets!


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youre right guys i dont hate myself
i am disappointed with what i did
BUT the extra weight has gone and i am back in ketosis sooo------- it was a delay not a complete cancellation lol
ty for your lovely replies though all
You've done great, size 12 eh?????? fantastic. I think your day blip will be lots less damaging than the serial blippers. You've had your thanksgiving, not offended anyone and now it's done and I'm sure the feeling of being very full will put you off doing it again.

I've never been to america but I think I'd be dangerous there after reading everyone's posts about the food. I may break the law in some way so they never let me in hee hee xx

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