I hate nasty people!!


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I was collecting my daughter from taekwando and cars had left me noooo space to get out either side. So I reversed back a bit and tapped the other car....quite literally.. Driver was sitting there glaring and I got out to see it it was ok....all fine, The absolute b*stard gave me a mouthful of abuse called me all the names under the sun and finished by telling me to f*ck off and p*ss off home and that people like me shouldnt me allowed to drive, cos I'm a danger on the roads..... I am a VERY good driver and if the a**hole hadnt wedged me in there wouldnt have been a problem..

I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! Absolute muppet. I do apologise for my profanities, but thats wat he said and I needed to rant somewhere....AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH to say I feel like strangling him is an understatement and if I got his car reg I would be seriously considering reporting him for verbal assault. I cant believe he spoke to me like that
Aw Kazz

I know exactly where you are coming from on this! I hate nasty people too, but I also feel sorry for them. Imagine being that angry all the time that you take it out on complete strangers. They really must have some serious stuff going on in their heads all the time. Feel sorry too for their family having to live with someone like that.

Remember, whatever happens, he is the one with the problem. Rise above it, smile and move on with your lovely life.
he's a moron that's all, it happened to me too recently in tesco car park,so I know how angry and upset you must be, I'm not a violent person at all but I seriously would have loved to have been a bloke for 5 mins just so I could punch his lights out!
He wouldn't have spoken to a man like that.
Thx guys, I think it shocked me so much..I am NEVER nasty to people and just dont expect them to do it to me. And for no reason as well....ah well...hopefully he'll get it in the neck off someone at some point...wat goes around comes around eh?!
Hugs Kazz
it is really horrible when people set into you verbally like that, and youre right, i think it is the shock that makes you feel worse.
I recently had a guy call me a dum f - ing ***** at a petrol station and he had his wife or girlfriend sitting in the car next to him when he did it! I just couldnt belive that she would sit there and let him yell at another woman like that ... i know i wouldnt.

Anyway it must be something in the air today cause on the three forums i read, there seems to be a ton of us who have had a rotten start - lets hope it gets better : )
Aww Poor you Kazz :(

It does shake you up doesn't it. For some strange reason people change personalities once they are behind the wheel of a car.

That same man would probably apologise profusely if you accidently knocked his elbow whilst you were both walking down the street.

My DH, though very placid and patient with everybody, seems to get quite irate with people when he's driving. Never enough to confront or even swear at them, and he loves to drive, but you can feel the tension..hear the sighs, the tapping on the steering wheel:confused:

I have no idea what the reason is for this phenomenon.

Certainly no need for it.
Poor you, Kazz!! This kind of thing seems to happen to me with monotonous regularity - I have no idea why!! I think I've just got the kind of face that people want to punch lol.

He's an ill-mannered oik. End of.

Try to rise above it, hun.
Its amazing how people can literally flip like that.... i could name a few times thats happened... something about cars and blokes...

had this one guy flip the lid at me...and even though i was the right of way i let him pass...and he STILL gave me a mouthful...sadly, i wasnt in the mood either...and i gave him some colourful lingo back also...