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i hate scales


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i am a serial scalehopper. have been since day 1 and usually it helps me and keeps me focused. but since my last weigh in on wednesday....they have stayed the same. im getting mad and disheartened and i know i shouldnt and its not like me at all but im starting to think "oh maybe im only gonna lose about a lb a week from now on" i know its silly!!!! i have my next weigh in on wednesday and i think the very most i can lose by then will be 2lb at a push. where have i started going wrong?! or does every1 get a week like this???
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Hi Lisa,
My scales have slowed down the last 2 weeks. Up until yesterday I thought I was only going to have a 1lb loss.
I spoke to my cdc about it, and she's recommended I do aam this week. She thinks it'll boost my metabolism.
I wasn't too sure whether I was going to do it until I spoke to her.
Hope this helps.


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hey Liz im not due to start my AAM week until 1 week on wednesday an was gonna skip it since my loss had slowed but u think it might help?? i just feel like coz im not eating at all i should be losing more that nothing!! im scared this will make me cheat. i havent even considered cheating b4 but im so pissed off with my scales!!!! unfortunately i've never been measured or measured myself so i cant even compare inches to cheer me up lol!!
me too..

i have sts for weeks now.. am so gutted.... have stopped the chicken and the odd atkin bar now.. just soul soucring for the next 3 weeks then introduce food back in as i am off on hols in june!!

now if i would of stuck to this diet 100% i would of been at goal by now..

i could batter myself .

cant help with the scales though, i have to weigh every day to make sure i not gaining..


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I know exactly how you feel. It's really hard when you know you haven't cheated. But we must be losing weight with the amount of calories we're on. Maybe you should measure yourself now so you can always compare inches when the weight isn't coming off.
Stick with it, you've come so far already.


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Girls, girls, girls.....GIVE UP THE SCALES. Put them in the bin. Once you have, there is no going back. Are your clothes getting looser? That's good enough.


has started again!!
DONT DO IT!!! I too suffer with scale hopping and I have made myself so miserable on it. You know, and so do I that on this diet, ketosis or not, we HAVE to lose weight. We cant not, after all most diets are 1000kcal or thereabouts and those folks lose weight too, tho just not as fast.

Step away from the scales (& I promise to stop weeing on sticks nearly every time I have a wee!!! LOL!! PS it is NEVER pink these days, but no hunger so.....)

Keep going, you know its worth it!


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i think im going to buy more ketostix! my little boy flushed mine down the toilet last week and ruined them and thing was that even when my weight was staying the same or going slow...if i tested them and it showed still in ketosis i felt good and knew i would soon catch up! thats it! thats wot i'l do! and the scales r goin in the cupboard til wednesday :D


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Don't worry Lisa. My scales were stuck at the same weight for days on my 3rd week and i only lost 2lbs. The will move again as mine have. I think this happens now and again - Just remember not to expect the everyday losses of the first week or so. Look at the weight you've lost already!!:D Go Girl!!

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