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  1. Diva2B

    Diva2B Striving to be good.....

    Cambridge [allegedly :o)]
    2nd week of CD.

    Lost both weeks so am delighted.


    Last sunday I ate and ate and got back into it on Monday. I realise that I cant go on like this but today i feel so tempted. The demons are out to get me today. My daughter opened a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (my favourite) and I almost mugged her for one.
    I didn't though, I resisted. I took myself off to do something else and looking through the Ikea summer catalogue, i noticed a ciabatta bread in one of the garden shots. What is wrong with me?? I can do 6 days without too much of a problem but on the 7th (Sunday bloody Sunday) I want to throw it all to pot and eat.
    Perhaps its the association of sunday and the family gathering round for lunch (although we eat every meal at the table) but I can't seem to fight my demons so well on a Sunday. (mind you a roast is my favourite meal with heaps of veggies)
    Does anyone else have this problem and how do you resolve it?
    Ive had two cups of black coffee (i find water hard to get down!) but i am screaming inside for something. Roast dinner did it for me last week, i just could not resist it.
    Even felt jealous when i was feeding my poor innocent little pooch earlier!
    Its not that I don't want to lose the weight... I really really do... but I cant bear sundays! They cave me in........

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  3. cillabatty

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    I feel the same I can't stand sundays. last sunday was mothers day and it was torture. No breakfast in bed, no roast dinner in the mess, no box of chocolates just hell. But then I remembered why i'm doing this, I too am on week 2, day 12 to be exact and I lost 11lbs the first week, i'd like to have a succsessful week like last week this week because the feeling was great. I have stuck to it religiuosly 100% and am determined to do it. Just remember why you started and how determined you were, get that feeling back. Why not stay on here for a while and look at the success stories and imagine how you will feel when thats you. Dont give in i'm here for support if you need me.
  4. prettyfromtheback

    prettyfromtheback Full Member

    You're not alone, I find Sundays really hard too. I think it's psychological because in the past I've always seen Monday as a fresh start - diet starts on Monday was my mantra! So therefore I'm used to having a few glasses of wine and pigging out on crap knowing that I'll be back on track in the morning. Obviously this didn't work, and part of the reason why I started CD on a Thursday :D
  5. patti

    patti Member

    i hate them cos i have loads of laundry to do and my wi is tomorrow,
  6. Daisy_Duke13

    Daisy_Duke13 Full Member

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    I hate every bloody day on this diet lol living with people so slim they eat anything and everything they want and constantly having to resist!
    However i LOVE the results and keep thinking that they over shadow how much i hate not eating!!
    I just stropped off on to the computer as they were slicing a coffee and walnut cake- i dont even like coffee i just want food!
    But done 20 days tomorrow with no cheating apart from putting something in my mouth and spitting it out before i swallowed sooooo i CANT give in :S
    (sooooooo want to though lol)
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    sundays are very hard for me too oh and saturdays!! when my lot are having there roast i just disappear upstairs and go on the laptop or read a book or do some cleaning/tydying keeps me busy and my mind of that evil food!
  8. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    I have just eaten half a chicken kiev ... the smell was just too tempting for words!

    I won't be cooking that again for the children for a long time, I can tell you!
  9. Daisy_Duke13

    Daisy_Duke13 Full Member

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    My brother is going through a rough time and was round us and asked me to make my speciality dish-tuna pasta bake with a twist with homemade dough balls!
    its my favourite and i made it and i actually shed a tear!! Its absurd! My brothers got a lot more problems than me and im crying over not being able to eat!!
    its sooooooo bloody hardddddddddd! Worse still i dont "feel" like ive lost an inch this week!
    Sorry for moaning- no cheats yet though and day 20 tomorrow which was a milestone for me
    Hope everyones doing better than myself!
  10. Katherine-piza-jones

    Katherine-piza-jones Member

    Cambridge Diet
    oh dear me too !! ive had 3 spare ribs and worried they will take me out of ketosis now, everyone had chinese food today as we have no kitchen this week while builders in..
  11. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    I've been struggling since Friday, but Sunday has always been my weak day, I've not been too bad, but have caved into some of the roast dinner :cry:
  12. Diva2B

    Diva2B Striving to be good.....

    Cambridge [allegedly :o)]
    Thanks everyone.
    Ended up going to Ikea in Coventry (about an hour away). Daughter had one of those bargain hot dogs that they do and although I would never eat one ever normally anyway, I found myself drooling at her eating it - why??????
    Got home at six and caved in AGAIN..... had some chicken broccoli, sprouts, green beans.... thought to myself that that was allowed on the AAM week - not that i have got there yet - and came away feeling not too bad. Left everyone eating and busied myself elsewhere. Came to clear away and ate what my daughter left on the plate..... talk about self sabotage! (about six to eight slices of carrot and a tsp of mashed potato.
    I know I am not in a prison, and i have the liberty and freedom of choice whether to do the CD or not but food on sundays just wrecks me and shatters my otherwise sturdy resolve.
    Short of booking into a travelodge on saturday night till monday am..... I need to get my Sunday act together.
    Sorry for ranting everyone.....
    Wishing you all a successful week

    Michelle x
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