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I hate tuesdays....

i hate them because i have got my weigh in tonight. at 7.00. i hate waiting all day long because i convince myself that i dont feel any different to last week. I dont. infact i feel bigger.

Has anyone put weight on while on CD???

I have cheated this week and I am a fool for doing it. done well so far, a stone in 2 weeks and now i am absolutely dreading weighing.

why did I cheat. Im sure im not in ketosis. i ate some kentucky fried chicken lastnight.

absolutely gutted with myself.:break_diet:
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I've got my weigh in tonight too. When you 'cheated' what prompted you to do it? Is there anything you can do to stop yourself doing it again? I'm sure you won't have put on all the weight you've lost this week. Learn from it and move on :)

Good luck with your WI!
Don't be gutted, pick your self up and move on from this.....


1 Stone in 2 weeks is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you know what, the support on here is great.
i just wanted to eat it. i just couldnt resist it. naughty i know, but even though i dont feel hungry, i still crave food....

om what if i have put weight on. i will be so mad with myself.

fingers crossed i be ok and can get back on track!

thankyou for comments and support


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Good luck Netty, I am sure you will be absolutely fine.. Im on week 19 and have never put on any weight in the time I have been doing it...and every week I think to myself will I lose weight this week. I must say I have never had a blip either (not saying that in a bad way or anything) as I know we are all only human..
I am sure one blip wont make you put weight on hon. So good luck and let us know how you get on.. x
Aww Netty, put the KFC behind you and dont worry about your WI... I always dread mine, but have moved up a couple of plans so do worry that I wont lose the weight... I have never had a blip either, but have had a couple of planned meals out which were very healthy, high protein low carb and have still managed to lose weight at the end of the week. Just glug some more water, and learn from this blip, next time you feel tempted just remember how gutted you have felt this time, hopefully that will stop you. I remember a few weeks ago I was tempted by the wonderful smells coming from a French street market, and I was so tempted to cave in, but whilst walking past all these stalls I asked myself whether I really wanted the food or did I want to be slimmer more and I realised I wanted to be slimmer more than I wanted the food (thank goodness).... good luck with your WI tonight, hope it all goes well...
thankyou curlywurly. i will certainly learn from my error. I want to go down to weigh KNOWING that i have lost weight and done my best.

By the way....19 weeks wow you look great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
started at 15.12, lost a stone in 2 weeks so im down to 14.12. i would like to get to 12.12 by end of july....be a hard target but il try. im 5ft 11 so i can carry 12.12. friends from scotland down end of july, if i dont make it to that mini target then im not gonna be too discouraged, but if i keep eating then im not gonna do it so i got to be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats certainly something to aim for! Keep going, you'll get there :)

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