I have a cold....

Try some paracetamol crushed up in hot water with water flavourings - like a lemsippy kind of thing.

Hope you feel better soon!
i had one the other day, but the runny nose bit only lasted a day, which was weird, hope your feeling better very soon, i took night nurse off an evening and that really helped and didnt knock me out of ketosis, but i just took paracetamol in the day,
hi there, just a quick note, try to get the nightnurse capsules not the syrup as the syrup contains lots of sugar and may affect ketosis. I hope you feel better soon hun xx
Thx everyone...have been glugging warm water with orange stuff in it all day and refused to allow anyone to open the window beside me in work! Feeling a little bit better but just getting annoyed with my stupid nose!!
Awwww Kazz!! thats no good!! I hate runny nose...the tissues always scrape your nose so it gets all sore and nippy!! flippin' hate that!!! hope you are feeling a bit better soon!!:)