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i have a holiday in 4 weeks....


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I am going on Holiday in 4 weeks. I know there is now way i will stick to TFR while i am away, so there is no point me kidding myself into thinking i will. However i intend to make healthy choices, while away and get straight back on the wagon when i get home. but this is my dilemma.
i want to stay on TFR for as long as possible before going away, but should i refeed for a week first.?

Also i must add the Alcohol isn't in the equasion as i never drink. but would it do more harm than good not doing a refeed??
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Hi Kerry
I am no expert although I did LT for 3 months in 2007 and have not regained the weight. If it was me I would say YES to a refeed as you will be at home and in control of the food and also yourself, then you can plan your holiday menus to make healthy choices like you said and get straight back on it when you get home.
I will be interested to see what some of our experts say!


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If you want to not have shakes the entire time you are away then yes refeed is the best way - that way you will be helping by getting your body back to eating properly so it doesnt pile on the weight with the first thing you eat.

There is another option - you could have 2 shakes a day and one healthy balanced meal (avoiding nasty carbs) and you would probably still lose weight aslong as your meal was a good choice.

Where are you going?


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Personnaly I would refeed for 2 weeks before going away xxx


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2 weeks....god really. hmmmmm. i'm going to turkey. i think i will take asome shakes with me to have for breakfast though.


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I'm positive if you are determined enough, you can still lose weight or at the worst, stay the same with careful planning. I am going self-catering in Cornwall this July and therefore it's in my best interest to plan healthy meals to cook for us both. I don't think Cornish pasties and clotted cream teas are my OH's thing anyway!!!!!
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hope u have agood holiday make sure to refeed properly if you intend on havin a drinkxxxxxxxxxx


Here we go again!
Hi Kerry, I'm off on hols in 9 weeks and am refeeding for 2 weeks beforehand. No way I can stick to LT whilst in Greece. Being realistic here. Going to try and have healthy choices whilst there but hey, it is my only holiday this year!! Hope you have a great hol whatever you decide to do.

My chemist suggested taking some maintenance products with me if I don't think I'm able to make healthy choices. Maybe take some of those with you to even things out.


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last year i refed for 2 weeks before i went on holiday as i knew i would be drinking.
i also took some maintenance shakes and some tinned mackarel (strange i know) and i had either a tin of mackarel or a shake for lunch
when i got back from hols i actually lost 4lbs
not sure what i'll be doing this year, but i will defo refeed for at least 2 weeks, longer if i get to target soon:)


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 5st1lb(27.31%)
cheers guys i think in that case i will re-feed 2 weeks before. just i case i decide to have a drink. i am quite nervous as i dont want to put all the weight i have lost back on. but i know if i am carefull i should at least stary the same. :)


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Yep, defo! If you eat right and watch your portion sizes theres no reason why you should gain any of weight lost :) good luck honey x


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Yeah, definitely do the 2 weeks refeed or the glycogen levels would just shoot up to normal levels.

Where in Turkey are you going to? I am going to Icmeler, near Marmaris on June 1st for 2 weeks, I cant wait.

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