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I have a plan (AGAIN!!)


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As you may have noticed - recently although sticking to plan 100% my losses have dried up and yet again today I had the awful unexpected Gain happen - 2 lbs gained this week!!! This has really annoyed me no end and have taken stock of my eating plan and had a good think.

Initially I thought sod it I'll quit SW as it's not working for me, and return to Calorie Counting BUT I feel Calorie Counting is a lot unhealthier for me especially with the Diabetes SO I HAVE MADE A PLAN!!!

Here it is.....

Monday 28th June - Sunday 4th July - am off plan taking a breather and expecting a Gain come Monday 5th July


on Monday 5th July onwards I will still follow Extra Easy plan on SW but with a few alterations

I will still allow up to 15 syns daily

I will drink lots of sugar free squashes / water throughout the day

I will use my Wii for Exercise purposes


From Monday 5th July I will no longer have Wedges, Homemade Pizza, Savoury Rice, Homemade Crisps, Cold Meats or Salad potatoes as Snacks -

- my snacks from that date will consist ONLY of foods FREE on BOTH plans ie Pickled Onions/Gherkins/Beetroot, Fruit, Synfree Yogs, Quiche made using free on both veggies ie. Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Hardboiled Eggs, Cottage Cheese with Onin & Cucumber mixed in, Homemade synfree yogurt lollies.


Wish me luck - any feedback greatly appreciated and any more ideas of synfree snacks that are free on red and green days that I haven't mentioned

Jill (feeling abit happier now I have a plan!)
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Ooh goodluck. I've tried to cut down on some of the snacks you mentioned as I don't think they are helping me loose. I seem to have plateauxed this last month myself :(


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That sounds like a wonderful plan. I do think snacking on the things you listed will slow down any losses, shouldn't cause a gain but I don't think they'll help.

For EE SW do say that snack should be superfree where possible (as in fruit and veg only!). It's not always possible but best to try.

Enjoy your week off, sometimes we really need it and you'll probably find it's not as bad as you think weight wise. It is nice to not think about the "diet" all the time.

Good luck!


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Thanks you two - I just don't want to really leave SW as been with it for so long now BUT am fed up with my weight not changing or worse going upwards when have followed the plan 100%. I do have a LOT of veggies in my meals just I don't always write them down on my food plan - my tea everyday consists on a huge bowl of salad veggies (ALL SUPERFREE ONES) - my breakkie is SUPERFREE and my Dinner has % Superfree in most of them.
I know in theory re. SW I am following the plan 100% but just need to see if this tweaking will help in any way....I feel this week off just to relax from SW mode will help and I am ok with a gain next monday as it is only the unjustified ones that bother me.
Am gonna miss the wedges and savoury rice most as have these with the kids on DVD nights - the only time they will eat the same as me! :( Oh well - IF this is what it takes then so be it - will still have wedges, rice etc just in future within a meal / dinner.
Fingers crossed this works out ok



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Well done poppyowner on taking charge and making SW work for you. I totally agree with snacking only on superfree food. Another thing that really works is to make sure you're actually hungry before snacking on fruit & veg, not just peckish or bored etc. I only snack if my stomach's growling and I'm hungry but the next meal is too far away.


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Good luck Poppy, you sound really focussed and determined to stay on your plan.. I'm sure this will work for you, but don't give yourself such a hard time hun.. Stick to the plan and just use your syns wisely for snacks etc.. xx


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Thanks for the advice everyone - feeling more positive now I have a plan - am going to tweak this one just posted and omit the snacks of everything bar fruit and veg which are superfree (thanks for the tips one and all!) - you're all a great help - thanks - keep anymore tips / advice coming
You know my thoughts on your "week" off. Why not just have today? Knowing you though, you will have already been shopping! ;)

You know I talk sense ;) xx