I have a plan....


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Hi Guys,
Well after a very rocky day 1 (at which i was not very successful) i have a plan. I am going to do this and today i have really got my determination back,lol. My plan is to stay off the bars because i think they make me more hungry and crave food, and i am going to have 4 shakes/soups a day for a while until i am into the program and i am going to lay off the fruit flavours for a bit as well, i am not going to make the crisps either because i think the whole eating thing with them makes me want to eat more so i am going to have all my food paks as they are meant to be in liquid form. At the very beginning of LL this was how i done the plan, and i never had the bars and my losses were fantastic and i never felt hungry, so i thought i would try this as i am getting far too complacent about it when i really need to take it seriously and lose this weight. So here it goes, so far so good, split a tetra this morning and mixed with hot water and have just had veggie soup. Wish me luck Guys, somehow i think i am going to need it.

lots of love Busy XX
What a great idea.

Take it right back to basics :) If you had gone straight from LL to CD, I'm sure that you could have had the bars straight away, but since you had a small break, I reckon you need to wait at least a couple of weeks.

Start like a beginner to CD.

WTG busy. Reckon you are going to crack it this time and have the successes you've had in the past :cool:
Hi Busy how u doing hun,well done on getting your head in the right place and being soooo determined,u sound like u really know that u r going to sucseed this time and nothing and nobody is going to get in your way.

I think what u r saying is very sensible and in other words u r going back to basics i think that is a very good idea.
Alot of the cdc`s here on the site say the receipes are excellent but in the first few weeks its best to do ssing in the raw form "shakes only" just to get u into the swing of things,and also well done on recognising that the bars make u more hungry.
I know u r going to do it hun,u r a strong and posiitve lady with so much going for u.i believe in u,and the most important part is that "u believe in yourself" your post sounds like u r really motivated and determined well done.
Remember we are all here to support u night and day.
Loooking forward to chatting 2 u later.
Have a good day xxxxxx
Thanks guys. Well so far so good not feeling too bad at the moment however i am sure this will change later, as my worst times are in the afternoon and evening but i will stay strong. Thanks again for al your support and i am sure i will do it this time around no messing.

lots of Love Busy XX
Come on busy - you can do it!!!!

Once you get past the first few days its not too bad. I am on day 3 of restart and to be honest I feel great - had no problems - even drinking my water!!!!!

HI Busy

How are you doing? Is it going ok?

Sounds like you are really positive - i'm sure you can do it. :)
Busy I had to post just to say that I can feel the resolve and purpose in you coming through in your posts. This is your time, your day. You are now in the zone :D Go Girl! :D :D :D