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I have a problem, ketosis???

I don't know if I told you but I am on jury duty. I hadn't realised that they were actually shipping us to a local hotel for lunch. I tried to not have anything but they pushed and pushed and my insistance that i needed a specialised diet was brushed away with the offer that they could prepare me anything so I gave in :mad::cry:

I asked for tuna with no dressing and some green salad veg thinking that is similar to SS+ anyway. I just picked at it mostly. This was 1pm. I am home and have pee'd on a stick and it showes i am still in ketosis. I feel fine. Could I still be knocked out of it??

AAarrrgh I have a whole week of this ahead of me.
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Nope, that won't do you any harm and won't knock you out of ketosis. If the tuna was in brine, the salt might temporaily affect how much water you're retaining but it wouldn't be real weight gain, IYKWIM.

Hmm, tricky when everyone around you is being force-fed too. :rolleyes: Can't you take a bar/tetra? Or would you feel just a bit too, well, exposed?


Def wants to be slim!!!
Yes - I take bars to work so I can nibble them and great for transporting - your tetra might get warm if its just in your bag!
Have a bar a and couple of cups of T xx:D
I did have my choccy tetra but well they were not takeing I don't want food as an answer. most others had a 3 course meal, soup, main then pudding i just selected the closest I could to a 200kal meal that i could think.

I am stubborn, I refuse to come off this diet of give it up even for a few days. I just have to work with what i am faced with.
I've done SS+ for a week having the green & white meal rather than the extra pack & skimmed milk option & stayed in ketosis the whole time. I'm sure if you just ask for a green & white style meal each time you'll be absolutely fine. Don't forget that even if your not in ketosis you'll still lose weight due to the low cal diet. Congratulations on being so strong and sticking to it and not just giving in and eating the same as everyone else.

PS Hope the cases aren't too mind numbing or too horrific. *hugs*


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Lilac's right - you'll almost certainly still lose weight. But I reckon you could stick to your guns. I mean, just because they stick it in front of you, doesn't mean you have to eat it, LOL.

Although I know that'd be tough... :eek:
Still feeling good. Had a veg soup and a choccy mint shake.
well today was my final day. stuck to green and white meal again. I am mega proud of myself. Having a porridge a bit later to celebrate.


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Yay, well done. :0clapper:

If you can stick to it in those circumstances, you're doing brilliantly.

Hope the case wasn't anything harrowing.
it could of been better could of been worse I guess. Some of the evidence was a bit graphic.

My CDC is abroad until Friday. I just hope my 2 week WI is decent. Still in ketosis and managing 3l of water so I think i should be fine.

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