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I have a problem


Silver Member
I have a plumber here fitting my new bathroom as I'm working from home today. He's a total arse, but that's another story.

Anyway, I currently have no toilet and won't have one until the end of the day.

I am DESPERATE! All this water goes straight through me and I've had two litres already today

My neighbours are out.

I am seriously considering driving into town and going to the pub. Or, going for a swim in the sea and weeing in there :D
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Going for Goal!
Can you pop in and see a friend or relative? Failing that, the pub is your only option!!! lol


Silver Member
I don't have any friends or relatives here. We only moved here four months ago and my mum is an hour away and my friends are three hours away! Eeeeek... bucket in the bedroom anyone?


Going for Goal!
Ooh great idea - a supermarket usually do have public loos.

Hugs x x x


Silver Member
Nearest supermarket is ten miles away! Apart from the diddy little co-op in town and no loo in there. I really do live in an uncivilised town haha.

I am going to make the plumber a cuppa and beg for a toilet before the end of the day.


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oh you poor thing i would get a bucket or knock on a neighbour its a good way to break the ice being that your new there


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I've been :D The plumber sorted out the old toilet so I could have a wee. How embarrassing. I have been told in no uncertain terms that I cannot have another one until five o clock!
lol well least you have been nothing worse than having to hold it opppss maybe wetting yourself is worse
haha oh bless :p


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I would get a bucket, and wee in it, because you will not only need to go once, it will probably be several times, you can clean the bucket out afterwards, throw it in the garden on the plants !


This will be my year
Just got round to reading this thread and I have the strangest image now involving incontinence knickers and bike clips :eek:

Sorry Guru, hope the loo's in working order now :D


Needs to stop eating!!
Lmao @ LunarJim.
Hope you got it all sorted now....I would have done it behind a bush or in a bottle *cringe*


WILL be Slim!
me, i would have held it! I have a phobia of toilets as it is without a bucket being utilised! lol


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