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Queen of the Damned
Congrats!!! Now go buy a belt to show it off :cool:
Hey well done..... As DQ said go and show it off.
Are you on any particular diet? I am losing weight with go lower but I still have my pregnant tummy, no waist in site for me just yet. Can't wait for the morning when I wake up and find it again!
Keep going.
Thanks :D

I did Slimming World for the first 2 stone, then moved to calorie counting, which didn't work for me, I need more of a support network like the classes.. so I started Weightwatchers on Monday, and I already feel a difference.


Never thought I would say that I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to a weigh in... haha

Keep going Suzy, it doesnt happen overnight but one day you will wake up and SEE it :D
awesome! well done :clap: x


Staff member

Congratulations and well done!:happy096:


Love Mini xxx
Hi Auburn

Thanks for the confidence boost, Monday morning, tired due to lack of sleep as I am full of cold I need it! I have just looked again and still no waist, why do I do this too myself when I am feeling rough already. Had a really great weekend and then someone goes and gives me a cold.....
Anyway great news to hear yours is still there, I promise it will still be there even if you blink. You are obviously working hard so you deserve to see some changes. Nothing worse than all that hard work and although the scales show things are looking good if we can't see if for ourselves I know it can be a bit of a bummer.
Keep up the good work and I will keep searching for mine.

Best regards

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