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I have an eating disorder...

rainbow brite

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Not impressed. Actually that's nowhere near how I was feeling yesterday, I was absolutely furious.

My new manager comes up to me yesterday and asks to see me in a meeting room. Generally this only happens if I've been doing something naughty or wrong but he said it was for a 1-2-1 (a general chit-chat about life and work etc) so I went along. He asks if I'm alright so I said I was fine and then he asked how I was finding work. I said it was rubbish and when he asked why explained that there was a bit of a rift between myself and some other team members. He said he already knew about this because someone had brought it to his attention. Apparently someone had told him that I've been isolating myself from the rest of the team and he found this worrying. He also said that someone had informed him that I wasn't eating and hadn't been for several weeks!! :eek: (True on a technicality but I know very well what was actually meant...)

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but how I choose to lose weight is my business and my business alone.

I'm not getting angry at the manager here, he was given information and acted upon that info - I'm livid at the person who thought it was a good idea to gossip about me behind me back and to my manager of all people.

Before anyone takes the stance that whoever said it was probably just worried about me or something I'd just like to point out that this is not the case.

The girl who I've mentioned before as taking a sudden dislike to me went off into a room with our manager a few days ago. I didn't think anything of it at the time, just assumed it was for a 1-2-1 or something but in my 1-2-1 he informed me that I was the first in the team to have one. She was gone for quite a while that day and left giving me an odd look which I put down at the time to her being mad at me for whatever reason but now it stands to reason that she was telling tales.

I have to admit I was a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights and lied about LT. I said I had a problem eating around other people (true) and that I just take myself to my car at meal times (also true) but I did say that I was on SF as he'd seen my shaker on my desk.

I really just don't understand other people's desire to involve themselves in my business. It's not like I'm forcing LT on anyone else. And she also knows damn well what I'm doing I reckon because I slipped up and mentioned it to a team member and I think it would have spread around. So telling him was what - sabotage? I don't get it. Is this a jealousy thing as well?

Day before yesterday I had my earphones in but my iPod wasn't turned on. She started talking about me, asking another girl about me. It went a little something like this;

[Girl 1] 'Has she spoken to you today?'
[Girl 2] 'Yeah, I saw her in the bathroom when I had a nosebleed and she asked if there was anything she could do.'
[Girl 1] 'Oh. You know what she's doing, don't you. Do you think she's lost any weight?'
[Girl 2] 'I don't know, maybe around her face.'
[Girl 1] 'I don't.'

What's it got to do with either of them? You jealous that I can show self-control? Wish you could do it too but instead find pleasure in filling your face with rubbish?

I'm just so angry about it all. It hits a nerve and I don't understand why the hell I should be putting up with such idiotic behaviour at my age. I chose not to tell people about LT because I felt it was the best decision for me. Now it's been brought to the attention of my manager I feel like I'm going to be watched and given that I've no intention of coming off LT it's going to look like she was right all along as I shrink with each coming week.

J (the boy) reckons I should put in a complaint but I don't want to cause any more trouble. I just want to be left alone.

Sorry for the essay guys and dolls...
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Mad as a Hatter
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Chin up...

I would raise a formal complaint, admittedly your manager had to act on information that he had been given, but he didn't seek your side of the story before condemning you.
I must admit, I haven't encountered any problems yet at work, but my weight loss isn't that dramatic that people are noticing yet, and I am being open about what I am doing.


a new way of living!
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oh gemma, big hugs.

what i bi-tch, she sure is jealous!

what was the out come of your meeting with Mgr? i mean well what can they do?? fire you for losing weight and being healthy??

its crazy!! if i were you i would keep a diary to protect yourself against constructive dismissal, prob wont even go there but i'd do it anyway.

sending you hugs and love love.

and yes you are right, as long as your work is not affected, its none of their business.

:vibes::girlpower: sending you love vibes and girl power.

Helen xx

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
He wrote down everything I said on a notepad and to be honest didn't look wholly convinced that I was telling the truth but I'm not sure there is anything they can do even if I did suffer with an ED. I know of a girl that had anorexia that worked there and she got fired in the end but it was through poor attendance, not her disorder. We went off the subject eventually and talked about other things but given that I was the first to have a 1-2-1 (and these tend to come about very rarely and we've only just switched teams so I don't think I was really due for one) and it was one of the first things he said I think that was the real reason behind the meeting, not just a general chat. :(


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Hi, i dont really know what to say but i reckon your managers point of view people are a little frightened these days of the unknown ie lt cd etce etc now if this girl has gone in saying whatever hes paniced and may feel guilty if he feels work is making you not eat.... now depending how much you trust your boss id go in and be honest not overly honest but say look im on a diet that consists of shakes, its my choice of diet its approved by medical teams etc etc, now i dont feel its causing my work approach to be any less of a problem... as for the girl well id just wipe her face all in it honey ooo if stick banners fridge pickers where bigger knickers nothing tastes as good as thin feels a stone in a week id just let her live it all up.... i wouldnt give a tosh what they were saying infact what id of done when they were talking over your ipod that wasnt on id press play or id of stood up and said whatever her name is and said aww love if you wanted to know what i lost you could have asked its so and so poundsi cant see the difference yet but roll on whenever hell il be so much stones lighter fffff ooooo the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiatcccchhhhhh :D


Resident geek
Hey there.. Well played for keeping your cool.. not many people could in situations like that.. That girl just sounds so immature and pathetic.. what a life when the most exciting thing in your world is spreading gossip about a team member eh? stupid people.. Part of me would want to be ever so nice to the girl.. but i reckon the way to go is acting the same.. cos if nothing changes.. she hasnt won.. lol.. You're doing really well on LT.. 17lbs man..!! thats amazing.. keep on keeping on doll..

x x
Gem i would just carry on as you are and DONT worry yourself what others think. Your end result will be enough to shut them all up. xxxx


Finally a size 12!
Oh dear Gem people like that annoy me so much i had the same situation at work these 2 nosey women saying to my face wow u look great then as soon as i left the room bitching about me saying i was anorexic??? IM A SIZE 14!!! hardly Kate Moss yet!

You get on with it hun and ignore them!!!! And as my mum always says if people are talking about u they must have nothing better going on in there lives other then to put people down!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yeh... I had problems with a fellow colleague at work, but fortunatly I didn't take anything and fought back instantly lol.

I'll try find the story it's on here somewhere.

Carry on anyway... your doing well.. I salute females on the diet because I can imagine it's somewhat more difficult due to natural hormonal effects and the smaller size shakes. (Not that i'm patronising at all).



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Orrrr hunny. Ignore these witches. You know you are losing weight the healthy way. Imagine how jealous they will be when you are at goal. It will blow their heads off!! I've worked with nasty people who made my life a misery, but I believe in karma...what goes around comes around. Stick to the plan hun...and you've always got us guys. We're lovely!! xx


Says it as it is!!!
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WTF, has it got to do with them...the only reason he needs to know anything about anything health wise, is when you require occy health...and even that is confidental and he doesnt get all the details if you don't want him to!!!!
She sounds like a green eyed monster, fook her.. like FTT says don't let it worry you and 'carry on regardless'
Pee's me off, because if you were getting grossly fat, noone would say anything! Just snigger..and because you are trying to better yourself, they stick the knife in!!!
Keep focussed on your long term goal and when you look WOW..... they will be saying differently!!
But, like you said...not really your managers fault..its the silly cow b'atch!


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I know its not nice but i agree with Gaz carry on they'll soon shut up.

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I can see you'd be furious I would too.... can't you say to your manager that your personal life and personal arrangements do not affect your work and therefore are none of their business.

But, they're just jealous because they're not doing anything about it all.... you're doing fab... just stick 2 fingers up to them (metaphorically!)..... ha ha ..


Love God; Love People
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Hey rainbow brite, ignore them! Their attitude is totally irrelevant to your future. They need to get a life. Back-biters inevitably get left behind 'cos they need to be at your back. Don't stoop to their petty level. Remain diginified, sensible and focussed. They'll soon be ashamed of themselves.
Enjoy LT with us!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
You've not only got this place, but you have me!! I notice that this kicked off the day I was away- that's just bloody tropical! They can't gossip when I'm there can they! I wonder why......... probably cos I would do this: :whoopass:

Anyway, you know and I know that what's her face has been trying to lose weight for a while now- and she has a lot to lose. She is being very unsuccessful in her attempt and we both know it. The fact is that she CAN see that you have lost weight- ok we all know how much you have lost, but you said it yourself that you haven't really felt it yet. Give it another couple of weeks and the whole team will have noticed!! And then we will laugh like this: *best dr evil impression* MMMMWWWAHHHHHAHAHA!:massmoon:

Jealousy - it really is a powerful and causes some consequences doesnt it.

Now if it was me, I would have thanked the boss for being worried but have said Im on a medically approved diet, i am losing weight for my health and well being, i dont think it has anything to do with work, it is not effecting my job, so thanks fr your concern.

As for the bi*ch, raise your head up girl!!!!!! I bet she is the one who comfort eats at night because of her own insecurities, and she just cant handle the fact thatyou have will power and are going to be fabulous.

Id be sarcastic if it was me, (i love sarcasm)... I would wait until she is around, and say to someone else, "hahahahahathey think im not eating too! how funny is that?!?!?!"

Keep your chin up, make yourself look confident it will threaten her. Bit*hhhhhhhh grrr hate people like that.


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Bloody bully. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, id have her for you love!!!!!!! You keep your chin up and take comfort in the fact that in a few wks time, everyone else in work will be coming up to you and saying, god youve lost weight!!! All in front of her ugly jelous face and that'll shut her up quick smart. It happens all of a sudden hun, youll wake up one morning, feeling no diff, walk into work and the compliments will fly. This happened to me this wk and it shuts all the doubters up straight away. Keep your chin up chick, your doing fab and remember, its for YOU, so f*** em x (hubby just said, thats how bit*hy women are, they cant even do it behind your back properly!) Silly heffers........rant over.....but big love to you babe x
aww hun so sorry to haer about this. Its got nothing to do with anyone else what and how you choose to eat. Small minded people with nothing else in their lives other than poking their nose into other peoples business. Ignore it. You dont have to explain yourself to anyone at all. Focus on what you want to do and get to your goal. They are probably jealous cos they are not able to be so determined as you are. If you get any more hassle we will sort them out!!!!!


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i totally agree with all the comments left...shell be muttering on the other side of her face soon enough...good on you for not putting yourself down to her level xx

h xx