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i have become obsessed with food!


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I watch UKFood all the time,
I surf the web for healthy recipes,
I sniff constantly


While i was away i made my mates lunches and brews.

I have cooked handmade burgers with chunky chips tonight for my daughter and her boyfriend - salad and chilli sauce to go with them.

My relationship with food has changed from wanting to stuff my face with it - to wanting everyone else to stuff their faces with it!!!

Anybody else changed their obsession with food this way?
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YES !!! I was just the same, I used to spend all day asking my hubby whether he wanted to eat certain things... I think it made me feel better to at least know he was eating them even if I couldn't!!

Madness aye xx
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Arent the TV ads for food pure torture????

I find myself getting pretty obsessed with ensuring my kids eat their food, they dont know how lucky they are, and I dont want the pressure of having to throw it away if they leave any, as I am not sure I won't just finish it for them!!


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I am a sniffer. and a reciepe collector all of a sudden, and i keep reading nutrition books too!

I am pretty obsessed too.

rainbow brite

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I'm less honourable in my intentions... I think I like to see people eating as it gives me a sense of self-satisfaction that I'm getting smaller as they're getting bigger. That's awful isn't it! :(
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Lol Gemma!!! It's not awful at all!

I have baked more with my family than I did before! The children love home-made cakes and brownies!



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Hi hun, I think part of what you are doing is just taking seriously your preparations for when you begin refeed, and that is really important to maintaining your success so good on ya!

With regards to whether you are becoming a bit of a feeder then that is something that is always a bit of an issue for me (or perhaps I should say my family) when I have been dieting in the past, so it isn't weird to me, its familiar.

One thing I have found is like cf I have been doing more baking and cooking for my family since on lipotrim, sounds like you are too. I think a bit of this is my increased awareness of not wanting them to eat processed crap. I also like that I know I have control of food and can go near it without it controlling me!
Oh I thought it was just me!!!

Its slowly becoming an obsession!!! Im sure my bf thinks Im trying to fatten him up for Xmas or something lol
I'm only on day 7 and still find the smell of food torture. However, I discovered yesterday that seeing it on TV or reading recipes stops me from being tempted to eat. Despite being only an occasional cook, I have always loved cooking shows. I had been watching Celebrity Masterchef before I started LT and was disappointed, as I thought I wouldn't be able to handle watching the last few programs once I started the diet. All week I averted my eyes every time a food advert came on.

After resisting temptation at a party on Sat night and at the cinema yesterday, I decided that I didn't want to deprive myself of my show. Usually, when I watch it, it makes me hungry (at least that's the feeling I thought I had), even if I was eating my dinner at time. Everything just looks so good, you want what they have. So before I turned the TV on, I made a conscious decision to look at the food more like art, something to be admired, rather than having to eat. Shock of all shocks! It worked. I watched the 2 1/2 hours that I had missed without being tempted to go eat once!

I also started collecting healthy recipes yesterday and started writing down healthy foods that I can look forward to eating in the future. I suddenly don't feel obsessed by eating food now. What I feel is a sense of power by being in charge of how I will enjoy one of the great pleasures of life in a much more healthy and responsible way. It's hard to explain, but it's almost as if by researching and planning a more positive future with food, I have absolutely no obsession with eating it now.

It's still early days, of course, and I'm sure I'll have ups and downs on this diet, but I'm really feeling great about being in charge of food (and Pepsi, my personal demon),rather than it being in charge of me.

my husband thinks it great, i love cooking ALOT more than i used to, although he says i've turned into a feeder..? LOL

i'm the same with watching the cookery programmes.