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I have been a monster today!


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For me it was because I so often drowned my feelings in food, that when that was no longer available to me, I found myself getting very stroppy...it does calm down after a bit, though I have had my moments lately.


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Thanks Rose! I hope so, or I will have no friends left! Managed to ignore the urge to drown it in wine though! xx

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I was really cranky one day and my poor man was on the receiving end. Lucky for me he tried CD last year and knows the side effects so i got away with it. Hasn't happened since....but I was so hyper at first and not sleeping so my head was all messed up.

I'm feeling very calm now and just enjoying CD loads. Good luck x


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I was the same last wk when I just started the diet...I would just need an excuse to start a fight and bite off my poor hubbys head. Its all calmed down now though. If I feel I am in a bad mood I go sit on my own for a while or go have a quick cold shower and i feel so much better. x


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I get like that!! A shower is a good idea. Will have to try that!!


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Yeah I am a little bit more irritable I think. My mum seems to think so anyway!


Yup - poor husband one night had his bags packed for buying a set of headphones. They were £44 mind, but still i admit I did over react. Had to phone him to tell him it was safe to come home as he was hiding at work :(

It will settle.


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Glad I am not alone!! This is week three, so thought I would be all settled on the diet by now. Hope you all have a fab 100% day!!

Ellie xx


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SO with you !!! For a week before my totm I was so vile it was horrible. I was such a moody cow.. and felt myself getting moody with my two little boys which I hated. as it wasnt there fault.. but Im happy again now.. this diet is hard.. and there are days when we are going to feel like that .. but it does pass..
Hang in there your doing great x


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Thanks Curly!! Am ok today I think! Mind you, I live alone so I only have myself to get in a bad mood with until I see my family later!
You pics are great! You must feel amazing!! You are inspiring me! x
Ellie xx


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Hey Ellie...
Hang in there... your doing fab.. and we are only human at the end of the day so we cant always be happy..
Thankyou so much I do feel great and I will feel even better when I get another 2 stone off . cant wait.
Have a good day hon xxx
I have been a misrable cow, week three was horrendous and to top it all off it was TOTM and I had the inlaws here and my DD was off from school because of the swine flu outbreak here and then she got a virus which I have now got.

All I can say is hang on in there. You will come out the other end you will think "what was that all about"

Sometimes the "monster" will appear just remember it will go away soon.

Take care. xxx


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I suffer really badly with mood swings on CD. One minute I feel euphoric, the next I'm biting h2b's head off over something and nothing, the next I'm in floods of tears. I'm almost into my 5th week, and for me it hasn't subsided, in fact it had probably gotten worse. But I will readily admit that it worse around TOTM, which I've had 3 of since starting CD, and a lot worse the last week leading up to me being ill this weekend. I'm praying it subsides when I'm feeling better, because the quick losses aren't worth the affect my mood has on my family.


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I haven't been cranky, but can cry at the drop of a hat! Even when I'm feeling fine, the slightest sad thing on tv/radio creates some kind of domino effect in my brain and triggers a series of sad memories and there I go:cry:boo hoo hoo!!! It feels like PMT but the last time it happened totm was over and I dont think there's a condition called Post Menstrual Tension! lol

I'm hoping it's not a regular thing because the weight loss is great and I can cope if it's the occasional tear - small price to pay. But if it gets too frequent then I guess I'll need to rethink.

It is my TOTM at the moment and I had a huge argument with a shopkeeper earlier in the week :eek: Mind you, he deserved it! I actually came on yesterday and I feel a bit moody and miserable at the moment, not good company. It's not going to be a good weight loss this week either because of TOTM, which doesn't help either and I've got a rotten stomach ache too. So people know just to leave me alone when I'm feeling like this and normal service will be resumed in a couple of days!


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It gets worse...or better, depending on your perspective!
I just had a go at my sister for the way she spoke to my dad. For the first time EVER. I feel great.
Ellie x