i have been a naughty girl


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hello everyone,

i have been very naughty today i was ok up until the eve, i made dinner and could not stop myself so i ate sum i had sum chicken breast it was grilled with no skin but it did have marinade on it. oh and i also had 2 lyches

have i blown it i am i out of ketosis now i am so stupid i wishs i did not do that now.

You may not be out of ketosis. I would recommend drinking lots of water and making sure you have your 3/4 packs today. Consider it a blip and move on.
Forget it and move on. Don't let this little think throw you all together. Keep going I think this is going to be a long and tempting journey (for me anyway) at the moment I see food everywhere I even miss Asda cafe at the moment. Remember that regret for next time you are tempted.

Can you have bars yet? could you chop one in half then chop it up into lots of little pieces so you can have something to chew whilst you cook.

Get back on the wagon you can do it.