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I have been bad!!!! :(

just seen this post so is maxitone a liquid drink if it is i think they are ok for short term eg if u want to lose a few pound b4 a hol (only my personal opinion) i really don't think you can do this long term boredom & hunger set in and you crave "real food" were you hungry when u had the chocolate & burger? i really think you should swop to a healthy way of losing weight that is sustainable in the long term eg weightwatchers , rosemary conley and obviously slimming world then i think you will have more chance of sticking with it, love val x
hi again thank you. and no i wasnt hurgy, you see i dnt want my other hafe of my famliy to no that i am on a diet and i was out with my sister and she will think some think is up if i didnt eat some thing.i know its a stupid exsuse but i dnt want them thinking i am staving my slef if you no what i meen.i think this way of dieting is good for me as i am geting along with it, and i just want to get down to a size 12 to 14 then i will be happy and get of the diet.

Thanks again for talking to me your very helpful. xxxx
hi hun i went to mcdonalds with my daughter and she won't eat unless i do but luckily they had a grilled chicken salad which meant i kept on to my diet if i had eaten a burger i would have carried on eating rubbish all day so was glad i could have something on plan, hope you had a good weekend x

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