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I have been on Xenical 2 weeks today !! Not happy..

Hi Guys,
Hope that you may be able to advise me I have been on Xenical 2 weeks exactly today and have lost the grand total of 1lb, I am very dissapointed i thought it would be alot faster weight loss?
What am I doing wrong? I admit that I have had 3 bouts of extra long toilet visits but apart from that have not had any side effects whatsoever?
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finding my way again !
i only started on xenical yesterday , so i'm not talking out of experience , but my nurse told me that it takes a week to week & a half for it to get in your system & not to expect much of a loss on the 1st week .
stick with it hunni , hopefully you will see the benifits next week
You have had side effects though. "3 extra long toilet visits"
Have you stuck to the 5% rule ( no more than 5g of TOTAL fat per 100g food) and no more than 15g of fat per meal? How are you keeping an eye on your fat intake? Could you maybe post a typical day's food for us, and maybe we could help you from that point of view too.
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the advice...
today I have had Special K for breakfast with skimmed milk and a banana..
for lunch I have just had a pot of very low fat tesco plain cottage cheese and a packet of snack o jack crisps.. eating on the run abit today
and tonight will be having a jacket potato for quickness with not sure what on it yet...
I followed the slimming world diet for years off and on so am kind of sticking to what I know at the moment, am having a green day today as find it alot easier to eat quickly if hungry...however not sure of I should be doing the syns as well the same as slimming world or not worry too much as long as less that 5% fat per 100 grams??
Does anyone know where the odd glass of wine comes into it as well as not sure at the moment weather I count it or treat as fat free??
Remember quantities are important as well as the 5% fat rule. Wine is fine as regards fat but is high in calories so could still be a problem (doesn't stop me though!) Your diet seems fine as far as it goes, but how much of everything are you having? 30g of special K for example is great but 130g not so great! Have a look at My Fitness Pal if you haven't already, it will help you with calories (and fat too when I think about it) Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water/sugar free squash per day, Good luck,

Hi Kittyblink,
Thanks for info, I dont think that i am overdoing it portion wise, however am not sure that I am drinking 2 litres of water a day!:eek: so will really concentrate on this tomorrow...
Can you also tell me it says on your profile that you are following a low fat diet is it any specific slimming club diet ?
thanks x
Hi Kittyblink,

Can you also tell me it says on your profile that you are following a low fat diet is it any specific slimming club diet ?
thanks x
Nothing specific, no, just keeping within the Xenical guidelines as much as possible. I also vaguely track calories via my fitness pal, just check them about once a week to make sure I'm not going over. Problem is I ignore any alcohol related calories and they can really mount up, especially if you're me! :eek::D

I'm not as experienced on these tablets yet as i have only be on them less than a week. I lost 4stone with Slimming World and put it all back on again. On these tablets i am purely sticking to a low fat diet. Only eating anything over 5g per 100g. Thats it! I think i have a lot more weight to lose than you, but i have had a great lose this week. I have main meals on a side plate to control portions and eat 3 meals a day. And i totally ignore the Slimming World way of things. I have chicken and bacon salad or steak and potatoes. Maybe try a purely low fat plan, just stick to the 5g per 100g and see how that goes.
Thanks so much everyone for all the advice, I have had a really good last few days and the scales have shown a drop of 2lbs more!!!!!:D yipee.... at last...
so I know I am doing something right, I am doing a mixture of slimming world and low fat as some of the stuff that I used to love to eat on slimming world is a definite no go area with the little blue pills, so only loosely doing slimming world now....

So thats 3lbs in total in 2 1/2 weeks so I am more than happy with that as normally I can do slimming world all week and not loose a thing!!

The future is looking good, am really hoping to be getting into a lovely outfit to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary the end of October 2010 now, was dreading it before but now realistically I could have lost about 21lbs... heres hoping anyway!


finding my way again !
good luck & stay possitive , 12 weeks @ 1.5 lbs = 18lbs & i'm sure you could achieve more than that
go girl ..............
Fingers crossed, back at work this weekend so have got to be extra careful what i am doing now! here's hoping!!


cos i need this xxx
my doctor gave me great advice, she told me to make sure that te way im eating to lose weight is a way i can stick with the rest of my llife. she said doing this will teach me how to control myself with treat foods (for xample when a chocolate craving hits, ill now have a milky way, which is only 3.5g fat, but it stops the craving, whereas if i bought a big bar of galaxy itd be all gone regardless of good intentions!) she said to see the xenical as an incentive to keep within a healthy fat intake, and to never ever see this as a "diet" cos you cant be on a diet forever. eat low fat for 90-95% of the time and try to swap bad for good (like have cherries instead of haribo sweets! a personal favourite swap!) lol this was the advice i took from my doctor and tbh ve found it so easy to lose my first 22 lbs :) i feel like im just eating normally, but i am very aware of the positive changes ive made within that! i'd say save your money and dont go with slimming world or weight watchers, just try and "self police!"
sorry lol have rambled on but the advice from my doc has really , really helped me!!

Claire what you have posted is so true, Xenical is not a diet pill it is a pill to reduce the amount of fat retained by the body. I don't really think of myself as on a diet rather than a complete change of eating habits that I hopefully will keep with me for the rest of my natural.......

I don't now own any frying pans or fryers and my fridge would make a good advert for healthy living so when I have my weekend treat, a couple bottles of wine when my resistance goes, which is does when I drink, I can only snack on healthy options.

As it is for the rest of my life I have not intention of giving up my wine at the weekends


cos i need this xxx
hahaha hell no to wine stopping lol - no weight loss is worth that :p
Hi Guys...

When you have your wine at the weekend do you find that is affects you weight loss? what I mean is do you find that you have a weight gain over the weekend or do you get away with having a few glasses of wine over the weekend? Only asking as my weight loss is so slow even with xenical that I dont want to put the 3lbs on that I have lost in 3 weeks overnight!!!:cry:


cos i need this xxx
truthfully i notice no difference at all, i think it's only if you drink often that it has any real effect, any weight gain will prob just be temporary unless ur having all those extra calories v often. dont weigh yourself the morning after though cos if youre like me oull be delighted to see 4lbs off, then realise it was just the alcohol dehydration!! xx
I am lucky, I think, cos I have never found the calories in wine does anything to my weight, my liver might disagree, but I do find that if I overindulge
my will power goes so late night snacking can be the danger. As I live n my own at least what I snack on is mainly low fat/low calorie but regardless seeing I am changing the way I eat permanently I am not giving up my tipple for nobody,

Let's face it, I don't smoke, have given up Men, don't go out to pubs if I can't have a glass of wine or three with family n friends what else is there :mad:

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