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and its only day 2 :(

i ate some chicken lettuce and cucumber now seriously wished i hadnt i feel like such a failer and dont want to touch food ever again (well thats how i feel right now!)

what ever am i going to tell me cdc tomorrow when i ring her for my survival day 3 call
C'mon, whats a bit of chicken and lettuce. It's not 3 mars bars or a chinese take away! Don't worry, you are still adjusting to your new way of eating, I am sure it will get easier.

You have just eaten what would otherwise have been a healthy meal. I completely agree with Barb, it's not like you went on a full out binge (I did that a few weeks ago - eating three or four bars (minis) of chocolate and a couple of pieces of fudge)!

Straight back onto sole sourcing and you will be fine! It takes a lot of getting used to, it completely flies in the face of everything we have ever done and learnt before.
Hi Louisa..don't get into that mentality of 'failure'! Big deal, it was only chicken and lettuce, it could have been a lot worse!.. I'm not saying use this as an excuse to keep having chicken and lettuce but use this as a learning experience and identify ways in which you can prevent it from happening next time. Speaking to your councellor is also an excellent idea.. Forget about the chicken episode and move on from here.. you haven't failed! :)

Its fab advice from everyone on here, you have not failed and are not a failure, start right back to it and you'll be smashing.

Next time you want to have something, log in here and get typing! Thats worked for me big time.

You can do this Louisa, we are all here for you
not that this is an excuse but i have some sort of reason why

i had my first shake at 8 this morning and 3/4 pint of water and nothing else. we went shopping came back and i was starving! more than normal so obviously gave into temptation i should of just had some soup! i know that now

thank you all so much i knew u would understand!
Don't think you have failed Louisa, as everyone else has said, it's not the end of the world, just a bit of chicken etc.

Forget about feeling like a failure and tell yourself you can do this. You can lose weight. You are going to lose weight. You want to lose weight.

Log on anytime you need help or encouragement or have a question or need someone to give you a boost or help you to resist temptation. :) :)

You can do it:D

cause of our rubbish pc's at work i cant go on minimins thats going to do my head right in!

thank you for your kind words everyone!
Louisa - just keep up the good work - its a shock to your body to go from eating what you were to nothing but shakes - the first 4 days are the hardest, dont beat yourself up or tell yourself you have failed, or you may give up... brush it off, say well done to me for not eating crap and keep going - have your shake as normal - I know you can do it!!!! :D

Jo x
cause of our rubbish pc's at work i cant go on minimins thats going to do my head right in!

thank you for your kind words everyone!

Hi louisa,

Like the guys have just said you made a very healthy choice for yourself and that was excellent and it is important to remember you are human.

Ketosis is like what Icemoose calls it "Duvet of comfort" as it does make the diet so much easier to do, just takes a little time to get there.

I am sorry you can't get on during the day at work, but if you leave messages the night before or before you go to work in the morning we will try and have replies waiting for you and this will give you something to look forward to.

If you have a mobile phone with blue tooth you can have a look during the day to see who is online, mind you this could be expensive:rolleyes:
Hi Louisa

I agree with everything that has already been said, you are not a failure and you are just needing time to adjust to this new way of life.

You've taken a big step in the right direction and once you get past the first few days you will find it so much easier.

Good Luck!

Jazzy xx
and its only day 2 :(

i ate some chicken lettuce and cucumber now seriously wished i hadnt i feel like such a failer and dont want to touch food ever again (well thats how i feel right now!)

what ever am i going to tell me cdc tomorrow when i ring her for my survival day 3 call

Hiya Louisa

That is not failure in my books and I'm a CDC!!!! That is called the 790 plan!

790 is still a VLCD and you can expect a very similar weight loss to Sole source so please stop beating yourself up and continue on your journey, sweetheart. You are doing just fine whether you SS or 790.....and don't forget the water either.

Remember tomorrow will be your day 3 so expect to feel a bit rough for the next couple of days ....drink the water, take a couple of painkillers if you need to and have an early night! Trust me in a couple of days, you'll feel better than ever and be a good few pounds lighter as well!!! :)
Hi Louisa,u seriously need to forget about the word "Failure" !!
In my opinion you cant be a failure when u r carrying on trying,u r not giving up,it was a minor glitch,and the food u ate will only have a minimal amount of carbs so u would not have done any harm.
Just carry on with your shakes today and drink plenty of water by day 4 things will get easier for you.
Maybe you can try and carry a tetra (pre made shake) around with you just incase u stay out longer than planned at least u can still have a shake .
Hope things get easier for u,just come and post there is always someone around to chat 2.
Take care xxx
Hi Louisa... well done on getting to your 2nd day:):).....you are absolutely not a failure.. all the advise you've had so far is spot on:)
As Diva has said the chicken and small salad would have been perfectly to plan on 790 which is still a VLCD .. this small meal should not stop you from getting into ketosis...
Remember to drink plenty of water and don't be tempted to miss any of your packs because of your meal.... you still need all the nutrition they provide.

Hope the rest of your day goes well hun.. just think another day or two and you'll be in ketosis and it'll all seem much more manageble!!!!

You can do this...:D

Love xxxx
Hi Louisa 26!:)

Well done on getting started. I 100% agree with everything posted above. You are human (you are aren't you???!!!!:confused: ) A bit of chicken and rebbit food will not spell the end. Just keep glugging the water, and log on whenever you can. There are lots of brilliant people on here waiting to give a helping hand whenever it is needed. Look at the terrific weight losses some of the members have had. I bet most (if not all!) have had momments when food has been eaten, but they have gone on to lose staggering amounts of weight.

Keep strong. It will get easier!!!:) :)
C'mon louisa we havent failed until we stop trying!!!

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off - you are not a failure you just got hungry. Now you know a possible danger time you can watch for that again!
This is a journey we have to learn as we go along!
NO NO NO you haven't failed! It was only chicken and lettuce.
Just get back on in the morning. You'll still be in ketosis in the next few days.
Here for you.
Kamilla x
Hi Louisa,

I just want to tell you that you're only a failure if you make yourself out to be one. You haven't failed. Just a short glitch in the learning curve that is CD...

You have to ask yourself: why did you go for the chicken and not a pack? To avoid situations where you get hungry and go for something that you shouldn't be eating right now, make sure you carry one or two tetra's/shakes/soups/bars in your bag with you wherever you go. I do this, and I also always have two spares in my car in case I get held up somewhere...

You have to take away the situations where you may sabotage yourself, and keep telling yourself: it's healthier to be thinnner! You already made the hardest decision and that is to start CD, from here on, it will be easy: great losses in a short amount of time, which will motivate you even more!

You already are a success, now keep it up, you are doing very well!!!!

Take care hun!