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I have just been shopping.... in......


haha!!! The legendary shop that I have never been able to buy a stitch of clothing in... decided I'd have a look as I walked past (I am realising I have a shopping addiction but thats another story).. anyway, I think I bought about 10 tops and it came to about 20 quid!!! Bargain!! All in size 18's :)

Then I bought a lovely mac from Matalan in a size 18 too...

Oh I'm gunna run out of cash soon ... Lucky I don't have kids or a hubby to look after :p:rolleyes:
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Brilliant Claire, sounds like you've had a great shop :D
omg lola!!! SO cheap its unreal... OK its a bit like a jumble sale... (well our one is) but things are like £2!!!

I saw a nice coat for £8!!! Didn't get that though!


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you do seem to have bit the shopping bug claire, its a bit addictive when the weight comes off. Will defo have to look in primark in the future.


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Fabulous Claire!!!

Good to see you having fun shopping!!!

Well done on your size 18:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
you do seem to have bit the shopping bug claire, its a bit addictive when the weight comes off. Will defo have to look in primark in the future.

tbh, even when i was a size 26/28 I was out shopping every weekend... but i would always head to the same shop - EVANS! just feels better to be able to go in almost all the shops now :)
Claire, I used to shop at evans for special occasions (as its so bloody dear) I always ended up paying a lot more for clothes due to my size. It will be nice now going out and buying something thats not going to cost the earth
My inlaws were round yesterday, and I have a birthday next month - mum was asking me where I liked to shop for clothes - I suspect she was wanting to get me vouchers for a gift (fingers crossed :D) But I said I got most of my clothes online at SimplyBe....then I said I don't really know any plus size stores other then Evans.

Then we all said, "Wait a minute - won;t be needing plus size stores anymore!" LOL - it would appear it is taking a bit longer for the head to catch up with the body!! :D

I will have to find a Primark - love a good bargain!

WOO HOO, well done!! Enjoy the shopping, I have to say I am suffering from the same affliction and can't stop buying but it's great fun!



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Primark is fantastic for a bargain like tend to buy underwear, pjs and lots of holiday clothes from there when I'm going away. Its great though especially when we're losing weight so aren't in clothes very long, george at asda has been my saviour during dropping the sizes. Can't wait to be able to go in any shop and try on anything though!
BL, our nearest Primark is Brighton, just along the road from Churchill Square. The first time I went in and bought clothes in there I nearly cried, I was sooo happy!

And, OMG, I bought a zip up cardie from Mark One yesterday, £5 in the sale, size 16 (that's my boobs!) got it home and the zip was broken, so took it back this morning. paid £1.60 to park for an hour to take a £5 top back - duuuurrrrr!

But, because I had an hours parking, I went into Mark One, and picked up a denim mini skirt (Helllooooo, hitting 40 here, ha ha!) for £6 in the sale! No, it is stretchy denim, I nearly bought the 14 and though sod it, buy the 12, and bugger me, it fits!!! God knows where and when I'll wear it, being no spring chicken, but, "IT'S A FLIPPIN MINI SKIRT AND IT'S A FLIPPIN SIZE 12 AND IT FLIPPIN WELL FITS!!!!!" aRHGHGHGHGHGGHHGHGHH HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!

Also, saw my OH's friedn with his wife and daughter in town yesterday, haven't seen her since week one of LL last June when we all went for Tapas for her hubby's birthday, I sat there with my soup and a jolly old size 24 - WELL, I was talking to him, and she was looking at me for about 30 seconds, then she went, "Oh my go, Lesley, is that you?!!" She honestly didn't recognise me! It was only my voice that gave it away!

She asked what size jeans I was wearing and when I said 14's she said, "No, you're about a 10!" Bless her! Not quite a 10 I don't think, but lovely of her to say!!!!!

I bliddy love this diet!!!


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I love threads like this. Its so great we are all shrinking. I went out in my size 16 jeans last night. I felt good and apparently looked good too, my friend whom I have not seen for a month would not stop carrying on about how good I looked, to the extent that I was getting embarrased. And to make me feel really good I got chatted up by a cute bloke :eek:

I also loooove this diet.
hehhe 0 go girls and guys!! WE ROCK!!

And speakin of rocking - GG - you are gonna rock that mini skirt!!! I can already hear the wolf whistles doll!!!

Mayboe one weekend, down the road a size or two, (for me) we can go into Brighton and do a wee bit of shopping! That would be fun! you can show me all the good haunts!

You are doing amazing Les - I am really chuffed for you - you are back on the train. :)

Woooo, way to go Tange! Getting chatted up, how fab!!

Only downsize to this diet was I had no wrinkles or bags on my face before, now I'm starting to resemble a rather well worn handbag!! But, have found a good treatment, Anusol Pile cream under the eyes, works wonders for tightening up those bags!!! Not for every day though, as apparently it makes the skin thin (well, think what it does to your piles, ha ha!)


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I have also found that under my eyes the skin is very crinkly....oh heck!!! I use all sorts of creams hoping to find a miracle cure:)
Oh well, at my age I should be grateful that I have gotten away with looking younger until now.

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