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I have just let myself down


Needs more willpower
Hi Guys feel really guilty:( I am on day 4 of SS and whilst in Asda shopping there was a lady with samples of slices of French stick with butter on. To begin with I walked past her then after walking down the cake isle I on purpose walked back past her and let her offer me the 2 different samples which I ate mouth watering. They were so delicious . When I got home I had a shake riddled with guilt. Then to make things worse whilst putting the shopping away I ate 5 cheddars left in a packet like some kind of hungry animal then argued with mysel to resist almond slices which have been in a packet on the side all week. Well I hate to say it I gave on and ate 2 as they come in little packs of 2. I am so annoyed I was like some wild hungry animal and the worse thing is I wasn't even that hungry!!! I just needed the. Tastes ! My husband is home later after being away overnight and now I feel I can't honestly answer him when he asks how am I doing. I know of I say he will probably think in his head " I knew she wouldn't do it" but then I'm thinking the same thing about myself. :( :(
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will try harder !!
oh pinky I feel your pain - just move on from it, dont do what I did and go on a week long binge (and I mean binge) its happened you cant change it, so try to move on and get back on it. Trust me you'll regret it if you don't - good luck
it's not a failure. It's a bump in the road. Tomorrow is a new day.

Maybe try to focus on the reason you really really wanted to eat and then write down some coping strategies for when you might get those feelings again.

Personally, I keep a list of the reasons why I wasn't to lose weight and what I will be able to do when I am a healthy size. This note is on my phone so it's always with me.

Good luck!

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Don't beat yourself up over it, I was like that wild hungry animal on Tuesday and did the same.

Just start again the next day, new focus, new determination, new day ;)
don't beat yourself up, I was like that today but I PURPOSEFULLY went to the local shop to buy naughties!!! xx


Needs more willpower
Thanks guys . I have had few more itty bitty things - handful frosties, bite of chicken and slice cheese. My OH got in and says " how's the diet going " I replied had a weak moment and had something little . His immediate reply was "why you bothering with all this diet stuff if you're not gonna keep to it ". So much for encouragement at how well I have done up till now and didn't even bother to find out what I had eaten. ! so cross
mine is the same, but he can eat from am to pm and not put an ounce on....makes me even more determined when he makes comments! Anyway, we are only human and as long as you get back on the straight and narrow you will be fine :D
I try and balance it out to relieve the guilt. If I fancy a big chunk of cheese I'll have an apple with it or an orange or both. Don't feel so guilty then.


please try again
I try and balance it out to relieve the guilt. If I fancy a big chunk of cheese I'll have an apple with it or an orange or both. Don't feel so guilty then.
thats great...... for you, not so great on a meal replacement diet

if im heading down the slippery slope i have an ss+ day, normally chicken with a little lettuce


not for long hopefully
We all have those days, its makes us human.
Like I said to Jade in another post, that feeling that you had when you went off track, keep that feeling, remember it. So when you feel tempted, remember what you will feel like 2 minutes afetrwards.
You can do this and stay on track, its hard but the rewards that come from it are there waiting for ya!


Strong women stay slim
Its mentally you eat them , not cos you was hungry . try again today !


Strong women stay slim
Hey dean , hello ! sorry for the hijack of thread but wanted to say hi how are you doing ?
I blipped yesterday :-(
The kids were starving and we ended up going tothe local chinese. I knew I shouldn't be doing it, but ended up having food. I had no rice or noodles, and had steamed veg and prawns with chilli, and no alcohol.

My husband actually said to me not to worry, as over the week, I will have eaten far far less calories than I ever normally would have done. He's right. We are human, and sometimes these things will happen....we can't beat ourselves up about it.
A friend of mine lost 3 stone on LL.....but if she was invited out, she still went and had something to eat, but ate sensibly, with no alcohol. She still lost weight, and looks good still. Her attitude was that most of her socialising was going out with friends and eating or drinking.....so she still did it, but cut back. She was amazing in that after eating one night, she then went straight back onto the diet the next day.
I'm back on track today.....with loads of water, and a cup of tea now.....saving two lots of soup to have later when the kids have their tea!!

I know I have lost, as my jeans feel looser on me....so I am determined to carry on!!!


Needs more willpower
Totally 100% today mainly cause I was busy at work for 12 1/2 hours but temptation was there with biscuits around me , vending machine and canteen. Feel better now let's hope I can keep it up :)


Needs more willpower
Thanx guys for your supporting posts over the last few days. And Your right about blips and off days, I just hope I don't have too many :) PinkyJ x

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