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I have let myself down

I have fallen of LL. I am so upset and feel so bad, and sick..i wish i did not do it.
I am finding this so hard..
Tomorrow i will speak to my LLC for some support. I feel so guilty i dont know how i am going to explain myself.:break_diet::tear_drop::mad::cry:
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You are only human honey and we all fall over sometimes. Just important for you to remind yourself how important this is for you and then get back on the horse and go for it.
Drink loads of water to try and flush the naughties out of your system.

Hang in there. Don't beat yourself up too much.
Dont beat yourself up Lynn, put it behind you and learn from it! This will be your one and only mistake. You know you can do this you have done almost 3 weeks!! Just try not be so negative on yourself. It was a mistake we all make mistakes, its how you deal with it that counts. Dont give up, start a fresh from now with postive attitude that this would be your only mistake.

Your councillor will give you lots of advice, she will have heard it all before.

Hold your head up and march fwd to the person you want to be.
Thankyou everyone. I will start afresh from tomorrow, I feel so bad, i knew at the time i should not be doing it, and i still did, then i just felt rubbish after and cried. All you ladies doing so well, and doing your best and i go and spoilt it for myself..what was i thinking. My oh said you have learnt your lesson, maybe that is what i needed a kick up bum, coz all i was doing was talking about eating food. Then when i did, i was not happy with the results.
I wont be doing the same mistake again, and no i will be positive and carry on with LL. I might not be so miserable now, like i was doing to myself, when all LL is doing is making me a better person.
It is not worth lying to you all, when all you have been is good to me. It is best to tell than keep it in and all end up in a mess.You are all great people. I dont like keeping things from people who care.


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ahhh Lyn dont worry hun just start fresh tomorrow...learn from ur mistakes! altho LL is brill diet it is hard! I must say yesterday i was close to pinching a chip when OH had a takeaway and there was half a box left!! just remember what your doing it for and im sure you can get through it!!! Im sure if u do spk 2 ur LLC she will be able to help you!
You can do this, put the slip up behind you and get back on the wagon. It's sounds as though you are thinking hard about this and will learn from it.

Don't be too hard on yourself and get drinking that water!
Dont feel bad hun... forgive yourself and move on. I have found the last few days alittle difficult too.

Climb back on that wagon hun... i'll b thinking of you!

LL isn't going to make you a better person. You're a great person already. LL will make you a happier person with yourself.
Get back on track and you'll turn things back around in no time I'm sure. Just don't get into a downward spiral of negtive thoughts. What's done is done. Time to move on to tomorrow now which is going to be a great day right? xx
Thankyou so so much everyone. Today is a new day. From now on im going to be positive.
I'm back feeling after having a long think, that i have to do this for myself, im the only one that can!
This morning had my first shake of the day, and im thinking positive thoughts. Im going to think that food is not important.
I'm back feeling after having a long think, that i have to do this for myself, im the only one that can!
This morning had my first shake of the day, and im thinking positive thoughts. Im going to think that food is not important.
You are the only one that can - and you can do it - you've already done the hard bit - deciding to do LT in the first place! Everyone here wants you to carry on - if you're finding it hard, or are feeling down, log on and read some posts, check out other peoples' losses and it'll spur you on. You can do it - we have every faith in you - and in each other!!
Thx andhow. I really appreciate your spurring comments. Im on top form today! My weigh in tonight , i know its going to bad, but im not going to be down about as it was my own fault.
You will be fine, you know what to expect and are prepared for it. I have my 2nd weigh in tonight and am not looking fwd to it because I haven't been doing great with water this week and my scales show no loss at all!!! And that was in the morning I get weighed at night! Still I am looking at the month weight losses!! I am really hoping for a stone in the first month!
Well done Lynn for making the decision to continue I know it must have been tough, have a good chat to your LLC tonight, and try not to get too worried about the weigh in you never know you may surprise yourself and have a loss. Lokk forward to hearing how you get on. Positive thoughts flying your way

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