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I have made it through week 1

Yeah I have had my first weigh in and I have lost 6lbs in my first week. I am very happy about that but my muscles are aching from doing the gardening 2 days ago. I had to do something because I was just thinking about food all day.

I have struggled a little this week but also enjoyed it. My hardest day was yesterday, took the kids out to Macdonalds after a trip and I didn't eat their left overs it went in the bin instead of in my tummy.

I hope I can get through next week. I think I will have a pretend cake to celebrate.

I will just say something else. I am losing the weight on the top half of my body and nothing from my bum and thighs. I hope I don't end up looking like a weirdo after putting myself through this.
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A little of everything!
LOL! It'll all balance out! There'd be a lot of lop-sided women out there if it didn't!

Well done on your 6lbs loss- thats brilliant!

Leftovers are the devils creation I reckon. I've two toddlers and I've had to put theirs straight into the dogs bowl when they're finished! One plus from that is I've stopped making them so much food, and its saving me £'s and lbs! LOL!
Well done for not using yourself as a dustbin for lefovers!!! Things got REALLY easy for me after week 2, so keep on doing what you are doing and the weight will fly off as the weeks fly by!!


A little of everything!
Well done for not using yourself as a dustbin for leftovers!!!
PMSL!! I just had an image of myself as Dustybin, does anyone remember him? He was a mascot on one of those dodgy 80's gameshows, I can't remember which? Not a good image! :p;)
What a brilliant analogy!


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lol, 3-2-1 i remember Dusty bin!

I think you've done a fab job, and from your post it seems you're doing all the right things - not picking at leftovers, taking your mind off food with other activities.

Long may you continue :)


A little of everything!
lol, 3-2-1 i remember Dusty bin!

That was it!!! My Granda used to do the 3-2-1 finger thing and thought it was hilarious (we didn't, but laughed politely anyway!:p;))
Thanks everyone for your kind words it really helps.:D

I really hate throwing food in the bin I think it is a real waste. (I remember 3-2-1 too. I use to love that...:eek:)

I now get both my boys age 7 and 4 to scrap their leftovers in the bin.

I do notice now that I always have to wash up as soon as everyone has finsihed. Sometimes I wash up whilst they are eating. Just to keep myself busy. I have to get rid and hide all of the dishes now, it is really getting silly now.

I really need to try and cook less, it is hard cooking tiny amounts.

I agree it will save my £'s as well as lbs.

Right I am off to buy my son's birthady cake and party stuff for Sunday. He will be 8 and I am taking him out with his friends. If I can get through that day with out eating any cake or sweets I will be over the moon. This is going to take me alot of will power.
Well done on the weight loss. I no what u mean all my weight comes off my waste first!


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i lost 1stone on SW just after xmas, then hit a big brick wall and lost heart, hope this one works for me! but im still wearing the same clothes with no extra space in them! gutted, maybe the next chunk i lose will make my clothes baggy haha


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Tegzy! Good loss :D
It gets easier as the weeks go by...I have had to endure a BBQ with friends with me entertaining....a meal at a Turkish restaurant, with me drinking water :) And another time when we were out in Wales and my husband having a pub meal and me drinking sparkling water!
You just think of the goal, nothing else.
And before you know it, the food is gone and you havent cheated....it is hard, but it is all about choice and making the correct one!
Well done on Wk1 and here's to many more weeks.


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working in a chip shop is a killer like! im gonna really have to push myself to get through the weekends without cheating at all! ive cheated on every other diet. but this time, i have a real goal and it seems to be dropping off everone very quickly which is what i need as i get bored very quickly!!
I can't belive I have made it through the weekend and my sons birthday party and didn't cheat one bit.

This has really spured me on now that this can be done. I took all the kids to Macdonalds after the party and I didn't eat a thing. I didn't have the urge to eat anything at all.

I must also admit that I didn't drink any water either while I was out. I only had a shake before I left in the morning and then when I got back and had put the kids to bed it was after 9pm. It was only then that I had the peanut thing instead of the shake. OMG this is just the most awful thing I have ever tasted. I really stuggled to eat this and I had to leave a bit in the end. I didn't get to have my next shake, I was just too tired by 10pm and went to bed.

Today I am going to try and drink as much water as I can and also make sure I have all my shakes.

I now agree with everyone that it really does get easier as time goes on. I have been surrounded by sweets and cake and I haven't failed at all. That for me is a great acheivement because I love sweets and cakes.

Enjoy your day everyone, we will all get the results we want in the end


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This weekend has been my hardest (2nd weekend). I suppose the weather has been colder too and I find I comfort eat when I am cold!

I have been obsessed with cooking since being on this diet... I must have baked at least 6 loaves of bread and 5 cakes for the kids.... And I have done all the dinners. Dont know why as most of my kids are big enough to cook a dinner and well able to do so!
Well done scotsmist for getting through the bbq etc , I realy dont know how you managed it. So proud of you tegzy for resisting the chips. Day 5 now, cant wait till weigh day : )


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Well done on getting through week 1.


A little of everything!
Well done!!

I've found it easier to cook as normal, but freezing the 'extra' portions for my Hubby to have when I'm pushed for time. It means theres no waste and its saves me time some evenings?
I had to do an 'iceland' shop at the weekend and now my freezer is stocked with things like king prawns, salmon and tuna steaks ready for my re-feed! LOL! I can't resist a bargain....:eek:;)


Positivity is the key
hi I will do it,
firstly congrats on your first weigh in last week, well done. Huge congrats to you on taking the kids to MCDonalds for the party and getting through the day without picking. Yes it does get easier and you will find you are handing out food, opening crisp packets, giving ice cream and it won't even dawn on you to try it. So well done you, best of luck for the coming week.
Please don't leave the house without a 500 ml bottle of water in your bag, I panic a bit if I don't have any with me when I go out even now. I find that it keeps the hunger at bay, while I'm out and about shopping, so I don't get tempted to buy any snacks or other rubbish!! Best of luck on the rest of your LT journey....stick to it 100% and soon it will be SO easy, no matter what social event you go to, you will have total control and willpower, because the weight will just fall off!!!!
Well done on the first weigh in, i also noticed my weight cumin off my top half n not my hips n thighs but it must just take abit longer. i hope!

well done everyone who resisted temptation!

I am finding the 2nd week hard. I really haven't been drinking enough water this week. I have just been put off by it.

I have to admit that a few days ago I had a tiny sweet. I felt like eating everything in the house. My son asked me to open his sweets and when I opened them I was smelling them. I really want to chew something tasty. I have been quite stressed this week. I have an exam on Monday which is just stressing me out and when I get stressed I just want to eat eat eat.

I don't think I have lost hardly any weight this week. I am going to try and drink more water today as my 2nd weigh in is tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it at all. I would love to lose at least 5lbs min but it feels unlikely it will be that much.

I went to see my mom yesterday and she did comment that I had lost weight on my face and the top half of my body. This was a great feeling that someone has now noticed this. I haven't told anyone that I am on this diet, I just told me mom that I have cut out bread, cakes, chocolate and all that crap. I think she would be horrified if I told her I was on this. I may tell her when I have finshed it.

I don't think I can do this diet for very long so I may do it for 4 weeks and the go onto weightwatchers or something. I just really miss food right now.:cry:

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