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I have only been on this for 3 weeks but....

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I have some events coming up on 19th june, 20th june and 21st june (the last one is my bday) and the other 2 involve eating out, one is my work summer party. Has anyone ever stopped LT for one week aand gone onto a maintenance plan (ie only fish and veg, no alcohol or carbs) then gone straight back on it on the monday? I am not bothered about not losing any weight that week, just don't want it to effect the following weeks!

thanks for any help

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Hi julesmcl you are in the same siuation as me , i have completed 3 week as of 2day and on sat we are going to spain for 1 week, i want to eat a little while i am there thought that the bbq food will be the best bet with salad ? I will stay away from carbs and see how i get on good luck to you xx
S: 14st13lb C: 13st13lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 1st0lb(6.7%)
Hi there, glad someone else in my situation. I think as long as we are sensible we should be ok. i guess it just may be hard getting back on it, but if we are determined we will be fine.

have a great time in Spain and good luck!

Julie xx


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Look, if you take a week out you will undoubtly set yourself back but if you really want to go out and eat on these occassions (if it just involves food and NO alcohol) then have 2 shakes in the day and 1 sensible meal in the evening consisting of chicken/veg and absolutly NO CARBS! but if you are planning on having alcohol, even the tiniest drop you need to properly refeed for atleast a week!!! as having alochol whilst in ketosis is very dangerous.

You could always carry on with tfr? treat it like a test - to show yourself you can put yourself in these situations and not be tempted? Good luck with whatever you decide to do though :)


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I think whilst on TFR, you have to re-evaluate your relationship with food. If you have a planned break for a couple of days or a week, as long as you start again all should be OK.

What frightens a lot of people is will they put all their weight back on when they finish. This is almost the start of an eating disorder. You can't run your life worrying about food.

If when you reach your target, you stick to a healthy diet, eat less and move more, then the weight should stay off. If you go back straight to your old eating habits, you will put it back on.

The same should apply to a break. just because you are allowing yourself food for a week whilst on hols, doesn't mean you have to gorge.

You only get one shot at life, so live it. It may take you an extra week to goal but having a miserable b'day or holiday probably isn't worth it.

Don't go mad and make sure you know you can get back on LT when you return.

Not eating doesn't bother me, i can take it or leave it. My weight gain comes from alcohol. Thats how I know if I have a break for hols, I can get straight back on when I'm home. AA anyone????!!!!
S: 14st13lb C: 13st13lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 1st0lb(6.7%)
Thanks for your resonses guys I really appreciate it. Summergurl, i will def not have alcohol (to be honest I haven't missed it at all and even managed to go to a wine tasting event with friends and just had sparkling water!)

One of the good things about this is it will change my relationship ith food. I want to eat to fuel my body and because I need it, not because I want it! The prob I have is I like food far too much. I am hoping this will teach me that. I have asked my work to do a different menu for me with just fish and some veg, so will do 2 shakes and then this. I am planning to go back on tfr on the monday afterwards.

thanks for your advice.


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