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  1. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    Hello everyone.

    my name is Devlass and I am at the end of my tether.

    I currenty weigh 17st 10.5 lb, not my biggest...that was last week when I was a lb heavier!! I have joined slimming world and am aiming to get down to 11st, although I am only 5ft 4in so could probably do with losing another stone or so after that - we'll see - it's a long way off!!

    I have done tried weight watchers and rosemary conelly and this is my last chance. I feel tired all the time,it breaks my heart i can't run about with my kids the way i want to, i am breathless if i walk too far or up stairs, my hips ache....need I go on?

    i am determined to do this. I hate eating breakfast but am going to try very hard to have something once i am at school (and not the hot uttered white toast that I usualy have from breakfast club!)magic porrosge might be a good choice.

    my lunch and evening meals are usually quite good but my snacking is out of control. i can not say no to staff room treats, i can eat packets of biscuits or crisps in one go. i am hoping to replace these with meat, fruit ad veg.

    i know i am here for the long haul - i would rather lose a pound a week and do it slowly because i don't want to deprive myself completely and i can't focus if i am on very low cal diets.

    i'm looking forward to getting to know you all and please join mein my journey - i need all the support and encouragement that i can get x x x
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Good luck - you've got the right idea aiming to take it slowly; that's what gives you the best chance of succeeding and keeping it off. :) xx
  4. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    well i went to weigh in on monday and was thrilled to lose 3.5lb. Totally gobsmacked as i am normally a 1-2 lb a week then maintain!!

    Have been good this week. Magicporridge every day for brekkie (toffee being the fave so far!) with a banana. my lunches have been pasta quiche, couscous with mackeral and salad or homemade soup. evening meals been stir fry or pasta.

    have controlled my snacking quite well and synned what i havenot been able to resist in staff room.

    off tomy friends tonight but she follows sw too so she is making curries and i am taking bhajis. I'm driving so will stick to diet coke to drink x

    am hoping for a 2.5lb loss this week as that would give me my shiney. have got a buddycoming to group withmenow - she started last monday so that also keeps me motivated.

    hope anyone reading this is having a good week x x
  5. harriet

    harriet Full Member

    looks like youve made a great start and i wish you all the best with it :)
  6. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    Sounds like you have taken a sensible route to your journey and already you getting results well done.
  7. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    i started my journey at heavier than you and im around 5 ft 4 aswell so i know it can seem daunting
    i am now nearly 3 stone down i was lower but i gave up for a while but decided on new year new me so im back on the band wagon :D the hardest thing is to stay motivated but here has a great support system
    and setting mini targets will help as it gives you something to look forward to =]
  8. sparklyrunninggirl

    sparklyrunninggirl Full Member

    Well done it sounds like you are doing great so far and good luck for this week :)
  9. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    maintained last week and lost 1.5lb this week so running total is 6lb for the month. i can't remember the last time ihave weighed in for 4 weeks and not had a gain in that time. am still feeling motivated and organised! happy bunny!! hope everyone elseisdoing well. thanks for allyour support and encouragement,much appreciated x x x
  10. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    Hello......gosh I had forgotten about this thread!

    Well I am now 10lb into my journey. I had come to a bit of a stand still after losing half a stone and was messing about with a pound on/pound off when 4 weeks ago I broke my leg after slipping on ice. I have been sat on the sofa for 4 weeks with the odd trip to the car on my crutches.

    I went back to slimming world this week and was gobsmacked that despite 4 weeks of sitting still and eating rubbish and having a plaster cast on I had lost 3.5lb!! Am now feeling very motivated so am back on it x x

    I have also got a new phone and have been able to download this app as well as the sw app so using them to keep me motivated and am hpping to post on here a bit more regularly. ....will give me something to do as I am off work for what seems like forever - it will be june when I am allowed back!!!

    So hopefully folk will read, stay aeound and chat.....I need the motivation folk.

    Love devlass x x x
  11. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    bloddy hell devlass you poor thing i hated that ice i thought i was going to end up with a body cast on or a big hole in the road after i feel all the time :D
    well im so pleased that your now back on your diet and good luck
  12. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    You poor love, what a rotten thing to have happen - let's hope you're on the mend really soon!

    And so very well done on the loss and getting back to SW, that's a real achievement!
  13. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    Thanks to you both. I now have a proper fullcast on so my foot is a bit better supported. This means I am now able to stand and cook something which is great. :) I have to stand there and eat it but hey one step at a time. Am away at my mums this weekend and she follows sw too so hopefully diet won't get too much of a battering.
  14. fat_poppy

    fat_poppy Full Member

    Well done you!! Sorry to hear about your leg but keep at it and it will come off :) xxx
  15. fat_poppy

    fat_poppy Full Member

    Lmao keep at the diet and the weight will fall off .......Not your leg just to clarify haha xxx
  16. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    oh poor you. Well done on still being positive and motivated
  17. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    Have just been to group and lost a pound which I was very happy with. Takes me down to 17st 1/2lb. Am hopeful I might see a 16 next week.....not seen 1 of those in a long time x my shopping is being delivered in about an hour so am all prepared for a great week. Now my leg is healing I can stand and cook a little more which is great.

    I have no big going out plans this weekend. My sis in law and family are coming over on Saturday night. I think I'm going to cook a slimming world recipe of pork meatballs and pasta bake served with salad. Will save my syns for a bottle of wine.

    Not having a big blowout today despite it being weigh day. Going to have a salad for lunch and then chicken and noodles for tea.

    Hope everyone else is having a great week x x
  18. fat_poppy

    fat_poppy Full Member

    Yay well done on your loss :) xxx

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  19. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    devlass well done
  20. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    Well done, carry on the good work xxx
  21. devlass

    devlass Full Member

    Well o put half a pound on at wwigh in today....wasn't entirely unexpected as I had given in to the lure of red wine over the weekend.

    In other news I have been back to hospital today. I had my cast taken off and have this awful grey knee length boot to wear. I can, however walk in aforementioned boot! I was gutted tho as they really struggled to find one to fit around my fat calves :-( theu had to snip into ghe largedt one to let it give a bit. Thiz has jolted me tho and am detetmined to be good this week.

    So am going to be posting daily if possible and bore you all with my food diaries

    Thanks for listening x x

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