I just ate a mint!


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It shouldn't cause you too much bother hun xx


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I hope it doesn't, but it could effect your ketosis, so don't do it again!! Get the Listerine Strips for your breath. Forget about it now and move on. Good luck! xx


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listerine strips hun!... best thing really! i used to feel rotten about my breath smelling etc..but some lovelies on here told me to get some listerine strips! and I can talk again now hehe.... im sure it wont affect you too much. last time i did LT i took a swig of orange juice without even noticing but it didnt affect my weight loss and I didnt go out of ketosis... but im not saying that it wont happen!...


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I'm sure that's something i'll do sooner rather than later. :eek:

Don't worry about it hun. :)